Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'll take "Burning Irony" for $500, Alex...

Having sweated my way through my share of summertime Atlanta commutes in an un-air-conditioned car wearing dress code-mandated pantyhose, I couldn't help but grimace at the ABC News story to which RobertaX linked this morning:
"Fight the oppression of the patriarchy by ditching your pantyhose for leg makeup."
I felt so empowered by that sentiment. Only not.


Anonymous said...

As I guy, I don't get the Tie analogy.

I can full understand hose as being hugely uncomfortable in summer.

But ties, worn properly - that is with a short of the correct neck size - are neither here nor there comfort wise, unless it's REALLY hot, at which point the dress pants, and etc.. are hot has heck too. (and that's when I envy women wearing skirts & light blouses and such.)

Anonymous said...

Generally my shorts are set to my waist size.

Sorry, couldn't resist.


E said...

The average response in the comments on the ABC site is:

"Women ought to look sexy at work"
"Looking sexy at work is uncomfortable"

Holy wow, is NOBODY able to see the obvious sexism inherent in this basic idea?
How about the concept that it is NOT a woman's obligation to dress in such a way as to satisfy the sexual attraction proclivities of her male collegues, particularly her bosses who are setting such regressive policies. In fact, she may prefer dress the other direction to reduce the sexual response to her presence in the office.

Men wearing TIES as comparison? There's dressy and then there's sexy. If you can't make the distinction, then you have no place setting corporate policy anywhere in this supposedly free country.

Damn, now I'm really mad.

I was going to post this comment on the ABC page, but it requires an account of some kind to do so. No thanks.


Anonymous said...

I notice European women don't get worked up over things like this. I also notice they tend to be less neurotic and happier. Odd, that.

Tam said...

Good thing I didn't read the comments over there. I hate pressure-testing my circulatory system early in the morning.

Tam said...


Since when have you started giving a fuck about what Europeans think?

Don said...

>> "My own professional view is, I grew up with women wearing pantyhose, and I just think they look great in them," said Jim Holt, the company's 58-year-old president. >>

. . . . who was reached for comment at his summer retreat, located in sunny 1965.

Anonymous said...

Tam said...

Since when have you started giving a fuck about what Europeans think?
11:27 AM, June 11, 2008

Or Americans, for that matter. Were I president my motto would be, "Yeah, I just don't give a damn about that."

And don't pantyhose (as opposed to stockings) tend to be bad for giving women the galloping funk?

Anonymous said...

Never mind the panty hose, let's get back to the ties... seriously, do you think I look sexier with, or without a tie?

Johnny said...

I dunno, the automatic washing machine and microwave, let women out of the kitchen... and they're still complaining. Whatever next, being allowed to carry guns?

Anonymous said...

Hey, lets have some popcorn over here! this show is about to get REAL GOOD!
Women allowed to carry guns...

Word Verification: lkkyk

The sound I'd end up making if I demanded a beer to go with the popcorn...

staghounds said...

"sunny 1965". Hilarious.

I still don't understand why Anonymous' neck is in his shorts.

I have always been irritated by the fact that I can wear a clean pressed blazer, flannels, and white shirt to work every single day, and no one notices anything but I'm dull.

Truly, a dozen outfits is al a man ever will need for work, suitably replaced as they wear out. (Unless he's a manual worker, then it's just one.) A twenty year old suit is as good as a new one for all the changes in men's clothing.

Poor women can't wear the same thing twice in a week! And her fellow women will be the first to call attention to it.

And it costs more to have a lightweight short sleeved blouse cleaned than a long sleeved oxford cloth shirt.

perlhaqr said...

Staghounds: The only suit I own is the one my Grammie bought me at the PX when I was 15. Still fits too, 'cause she bought it a little big. Though, another size across the chest might have done well. Still, it's almost old enough to vote, and does quite nicely. I love double breasted suits. :D

Anonymous said...


Oh, come on now! You KNOW they're just there husband-hunting.

Mushroom cloud in 3... 2... 1...

Anonymous said...

Poor women can't wear the same thing twice in a week! And her fellow women will be the first to call attention to it.

Hear, hear! Chalk me up as one who wants to wear a (perfectly clean) outfit twice a week without feeling like an utterly unfashionable slob.

And anyone who advocates hose year-round has obviously never been stuck wearing them in summer heat. Vile. Just...vile. Unless it's a very formal workplace, why bother?

I'd love to know why wearing hose is viewed as more attractive than bare legs. I guess that goes right in the "Confusion" bin along with teetering stilettos.