Friday, April 02, 2010


Back in my wild club kid days in Atlanta, my then-roommate introduced me to his VHS recordings (ask your parents, kids,) of the animated TeeWee series Duckman.

Now, Matt Groening, Mike Judge, and Matt & Trey have done a funny cartoon or two, but for absolutely hilarious every-other-line-cracks-me-up funny, none of them can kick my gigglebox over like Duckman.
Cornfed: "Duckman, you were not given the adrenal gland of famous stuntman Vile Kyle. You received the adrenal gland of an accountant who is dyslexic."

Duckman: "Bulltish!"
I don't know if it's the way it cycles back and forth constantly between highbrow beatnik-esque wit and lowbrow potty humor or whether its the deadpan delivery of Duckman's sidekick, a pig named Cornfed, but it's aimed right for my sense of humor. I mean, this wasn't just funny, it was snarky. And it was absolutely unavailable on DVD until just recently.

The entire four season boxed set arrived on my front porch yesterday, thanks to the magic of Amazon. I'm in a state of cartoon bliss.


Paul said...

I acutally liked the movie, Duckman. Little wierd, but enjoyable. Never understood why the media told me I was wrong and it was crap.

Might have to get the set.

racer944 said...

I understand! My version is King of the Hill, and it just came on Netflix Instant. 12 seasons of Hank and I'm ready to go into my self-imposed hermit status for a couple weeks to watch them all.

Andy said...

Duckman: What do you say, Corn Syrup? Blow their minds with our
patented Sonny and Cher medley?
Cornfed: Id love to, except my sequined squaw outfits still at the

Love that one.

Joseph said...

The Tick, first couple of seasons or so, man that was just great. Check it out. Even the live action they tried was good and all too short lived.

Tam said...

Thanks to The Tick I still call Kevin Costner "Little Wooden Boy!" to this day.

Dwight Brown said...

"After a thunderstorm, I see in 12 dimensions.

Why are the 60 of you staring at me like that?"

Michael said...

I always liked "The Critic." Full of good ol' snark!

Ken said...

Give Phineas and Ferb a try. It's more family than edgy, but it's damned clever.

Andy said...

+1 on Phineas and also Penguins of Madagascar.

Apparently, lots of 80's children are now writing for TV. The jokes have gotten funnier.

NMM1AFan said...

I still wish Samurai Jack would come back.

Brad K. said...

My current favorite is ObamaSnark.


Except for that relationship-themed April 2003 strip.

and 2005

and May 2003

And 2004

Pathfinder said...

Can't forget the Simpsons -

Lisa: Dad, don't you see, this situation is just like we saw in the movie Rashomon

Homer: That's not the way I remember it.

borisdabastid said...

Until you posted this, I forgot about all the late-night bliss this show brought me in my teen years. I think I may have to partake in the dvd set also.

Ry Jones said...

I bootlegged Duckman DVDs in the 2001-2005 timeframe. 4 episodes per disk, absolute labor of love.

I had about 40 people take me up on the trade (one spindle of DVD-Rs would get you all episodes in nice binders). I'm still working on all the DVD cases and spindles I built up in those years.

Matt said...

Two of my favorites

Duckman : "Karaoke: Japan's cruelest invention since hara-kiri."


Lisa: The only way to save Bart is to kill the head vampire, Mr. Burns!
Homer: Kill my boss?! Do I dare to live out the American dream?

reflectoscope said...

I'm told I bear a passing resemblance to Duckman, whatever that means to anyone. Funny TV, just the same.

If you can find it anywhere Bromwell High is brilliant comedy too, even if you need a little bit of the UK-English context to understand it.

Oh yeah, the Ripping Friends. Heh.


atlharp said...

Animation is great, but when I seriously need to laugh, there is only one cure.

Oh God, Hendrie rules. The recent Dean Wheeler Easter bit(March 27th) is one of the most twisted things I have ever heard! said...

Ever fall in love with Freakazoid?