Friday, April 02, 2010

Reuben Report:

Good Morning Mama's on 54th Street serves a good-sized Reuben. I'm told they make their own corned beef, too. The sammich is on delicious crusty rye and comes with a pickle. You can get fries, slaw or tater salad, but that's extra. Dee-lish and filling for $6.95, and for another $1.95 they'll bury the plate in big, straight fries that show every evidence of having been a whole potato quite recently.

I got there probably just shy of 2:00PM, and I'd say that the joint was probably 80% full, which is good to see. I was curious to see what kind of business they were doing for lunch; I knew that for breakfast on weekends they usually have a line out the door like they're giving dollar bills away.


John said...

My favorite Reuben came from a defunct bakery/deli in Birmingham called The Oven. The sandwich, served on pumpernickel, was the size of a regulation football.

Sadly, the place went out of business. I guess that it was just too perfect for this world.

Chronos said...

Had one yesterday...when i went out to get my girl's gun...wasnt that good. Local greasy spoon
oh well
BTW got my kid a .22 and 410 combo to barrels...she is judt itchin to shoot...oh and Tam she wants to meet you and Robx and Breda