Thursday, July 01, 2010


I got all lump-in-the-throat kinda early this morning. You can, too.



Anonymous said...

Stories like this affirm that there is another great generation waiting in the wings. Thank you for sharing!

Boat Guy said...

It does give one some faith (not to use the "h-word") that indeed there ARE some good ones coming up, being raised by the good folk.
I was one of the "camoflage people" and I well remember a time when such wonderful tokens were NOT offered...

Anonymous said...

Former Camo guy here.. My bestest and most cherished souvenir from Iraq is a hand made Christmas card drawn I found behind a locker. No clue where it came from, but the effort Courtney in the 3rd Grade put into the card for a "Dear Soldier" still tears me up.

Al T.

Anonymous said...

Tam you really know how to make a retired vet cry hun.


reflectoscope said...

It will take some time of course, but that little girl will realize that she has some great parents.

Clearly, they known already that they have a great daughter.


Bubblehead Les. said...

If only the current Commander-in-Chief had as much class as a little girl...loved that Memorial Day speech on the runway at Andrews AFB, didn't you?

inbredredneck said...

Tam- thanks for sending me over there yesterday. Went back this morning and it made my eyes start to leak all over again. Great to see parents who raise kids to appreciate the sheep dogs, and even better to realize that the appreciation is expressed so spontaneously. Good to know there're still families like this out there.

Rob J