Friday, July 30, 2010

What a hoser, eh?

Some Canadian dude was shooting his M&P-15/22 when it had an out-of-battery event. He wasn't hurt, but the gun was damaged and required repair.

In the virile and manly tradition of lumberjacks, Mounties, and John Candy, he has bravely written a letter to the president of S&W and is, in his own words
"...seeking legal advice to see what my options are and the appropriates actions to take from this point on."
You know, I've had a few out-of-battery incidents with .22 self-loaders before, but I've never had one cause such psychic trauma that I had to whinge to the entire internet about the experience and threaten to hire legal representation.
"I did a quick check on myself...not a scratch!! but that hot gas felt like someone threw sand on my face and hans[sic]."
It sounds like that sand all landed in his underthings.

Always wear eye and ear protection, kids!


doubletrouble said...

Sand in the panties can be VERY aggravating...

Motor-T said...

That happened to me too. I cried that whole.... oh... wait... that wasn't me. That was some Canadian bedwetting pansy.

B Smith said...

Heh. I once fired a Mosin-Nagant that's a bit past its prime, and felt a sensation like a firey lash across my forehead. The (steel) cartridge casing was split, but there was no visible damage to the rifle.
Since it was made in Russia circa 1897, I don't think legal action would be very fruitful.
.22? worries, pal.

FxR said...

I had that happen with a Remington semi-auto back in the late 80's.
The gun was fine and so was I once I washed my face and hands.
Sounds like our Canadian friend needs to grow a pair.

Steve Skubinna said...

The real question is what this North-of-the-Border desperado was doing with a high powered military style assault rifle.

Hope Janet Napolitano is paying attention, and has put his name on a watch list.

Firehand said...

When instead of "Please fix the damn thing" the letter starts with "I'm considering my legal options"...


Mark Alger said...

You know, in tech support circles, there's a (probably apocryphal) tale of the incredibly blonde caller -- a real ID-10-T incident if there ever was one -- who was finally told by the long-suffering support tech to box up her computer and call UPS to come get it.

She asked, "What's the problem?"

"You're too stupid to own a computer."

I would say the same advice is due to that whingeing crybaby who's giving Canuckistan a bad name. Too stupid to own a gun.


CAR said...

Tired of sand being thrown in your face?

In only 7 days, Charles Atlas can make you a man!

Fred said...

Hopefully any "legal action" simply gets laughed at.

Tremaine said...

Wouldn't that be an "Out of Battery experience?"

mc said...

I was shooting with a friend when his .22 mag blew out the stock.

It was...alarming?

Boy was he lucky.

He was happy to have the weapon replaced, can't remember if it was Ruger or Remington.

I had to sit next to a lawyer at a dinner a while back. I dated a good lawyer, this guy would not admit that we are now a more litigious society.

He actually stuck by "I wasn't practicing in the '50's, so I don't know if people are "more" litigious now."

Is it wrong to wish immolation upon others?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of caca. The "guy" doesn't deserve to own the M&P22.


RevGreg said...

He'd best stay away from any machinegun shoots if he's scared by a puff of smoke like that. When guns are running 700 to 1,300 rounds per minute it doesn't take much for an out of battery experience to occur and then it takes even less to make it a disaster. I was lucky enough to capture an odd one on video last February. An ANM2 running surplus Greek 8mm ammo at about 1,200rpm...suddenly there's a huge puff of smoke under the gun where the ejected casings are piling up. Upon later inspection I found a casing with a 3/16" split radially from the primer hole. Apparently the ghost of JMB was with us that day to as the gun cycled and continued to run without things getting REALLY ugly!

The timing hadn't been checked on that gun in about a decade so hopefully we won't be living on the edge at our next shoot at the end of August!

Ancient Woodsman said...

Be careful about using "hoser"...I've got a lot of relatives in the LaPorte area and that's how I used to mis-pronounce "hoosier".

But yes, the sap IS a hoser.

Jack said...

This dude should be careful about lawyering up. It's loser pay in Canada, so he could end up paying S&W's legal bills. Big companies have a nack for running up the bill if they're sure they'll win.

David said...

I had two rounds in a row go kaboom in my rock Island Armory 1911. The first one blew powder residue all over my hands, shot the mag out of the gun splattered my face and arm with small brass shards. After checking the gun, removing the brass shard that was imbedded in my safety glasses, and reloading the gun I aimed and squeezed the trigger again. KABOOM, it happened again. This time the mag jammed up on its way out of the gun, so the pressure fractured the wooden grip on the right side of the gun. It felt like someone had just hit me in the palm of the hand with a hammer.

Again after securing the gun, picking a brass shard out of my chin and another out of my elbow I turned to my father who had loaded those rounds and asked "What the hell?"

It never occurred to me that I should lawyer up and go after my Dad or RIA. I just replaced the broken grip, checked out the rest of the gun, and went back to shooting again the next week with more of Dad's reloads.

Over 5000 rounds of hand loads by my father across 7 different calibers and those are the only two problems we have ever had.

No lawyers necessary, unless a couple want to volunteer for target duty.

mc said...

Err...looking back at my comment it would almost suggest that I dated a guy.

Let me emphatically state that the girl I dated was all girl, 110 percent.

The jackass I had to sit next to was a goddamned panzy.

Oh well.

Not the first time I have been less than articulate.

Michael said...


if she was 100% girl, what was the other 10%. Inquiring minds want to know.