Friday, April 08, 2011

"I give. Who are you?"

The link in the sidebar at CNN's front page read "Iverson To Cops: Do You Know Who I Am?"

So I thought to myself, "Iverson... Iverson... Don't know any Iversons. Well, there was Molly Ivins, but she's deader than Elvis and any cops that see her are definitely gonna need shotguns. Iverson... Nope, don't know any Iversons," and clicked on the link to see who it was.

Ah. A basketball dude. An ex-basketball dude at that.

Look, if you're gonna yell "Do you know who I am?" at cops, not only better you hope they answer "Yes", but you'd also better hope that your "who I am?" includes a title like "Mr. Mayor" or "The Honorable" because just being a celebrity is only going to score you a frizzy-haired, wild-eyed mug shot on


Anonymous said...

"...being a celebrity is only going to score you a frizzy-haired, wild-eyed mug shot..."

If only.

The ability of some to toss/catch/hit a ball or to recite inane lines on camera puts "regular" folks in such awe that they will throw millions of dollars at their worshipped ones and hang on their every word or "endorsement".

And that definitely includes cops. Hell, local PD's routinely give a pass even to high-school jocks...and that's one lesson those kids learn well. And the few that actually make it "big"? Can you blame them for trying to cash in their stardom?

It's a sick society.


wv: fulate...hey now, I don't swing that way, not that there's anything wrong with that. But yuck.

Randy said...

Iverson grew up in this area. From the time he was a standout in High School he has been a shining example of the way we expect, and often excuse, bad behavior from our star athletes. The example that grates on me the most was when he didn't show up for a court mandated community event. So his so called community service was to write a check for the event. There were kids there that looked up to him and expected to see him, but I guess that didn't matter.

North said...

God bless mug shots. They capture the true celebrity.

Comrade Misfit said...

He needs to watch the Chris Rock video How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked By the Police.

JD said...

What a douchebag, how about you sell one of the other 10 cars and pay your tags.

Brian J. said...

The best answer to "Do you know who I am?" is not, "No" or "Who cares?"

It's to give the wrong answer.

"Yeah, you're Latrell Sprewell."

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

His handle as a player was "The Answer".

I guess the answer in this case was "No."

Anonymous said...

AI was a Round House Rapid Rewards member with the Philly Police when he lived there.



Anonymous said...

Think they put the Lambo on a flatbed or just hoisted the front-end and dragged it to the yard?

theirritablearchitect said...

"Do you know who I am?"

And the answer is?

The Answer?

Hello, is thing on?

Geodkyt said...

Randy --

He went to my high school several years after me.

Yeah, he was a well-known putz and thug then, only retained in school for his ability to put an orange ball through a hoop, like any trained mammal at Sea World does daily.

Anonymous said...

'Round House Rapid Rewards member'

Gerry, you cracked me up with that one.

St Paul

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Personally I have an aversion to Iverson.

The game is still full of thugs (and will be until the NBA fires David Stern), but the general level of thuggishness went down quite a bit when he left last year. The Europeans can keep him.

Anonymous said...

$10,000 to register your car? I guess I'm as disgusted in our kleptocratic govt as I am in the attitude of this punk. Just because someone _can_ pay it, doesn't mean one should be charged it.


Epsilon Given said...

The example that grates on me the most was when he didn't show up for a court mandated community event....There were kids there that looked up to him and expected to see him, but I guess that didn't matter.

Iverson: "Do you know who I am?"

Cop: "Yeah! You're the jerk that disappointed my son when you didn't show up at that Community Event! My son used to look up to you!"

Iverson: "Oh, ****!"

DaveFla said...

"Iverson, 35, was a passenger in a grey Lamborghini..."

Wait, what? Never mind the 10 large for plates and the dumbassery of celebrities - I thought those things only came in colors that wouldn't leave them confused with the USS Missouri in the viewer's mind. Now they're painted so as to *not* attract attention? Sign of the times.

Fred said...

There's a city park here named after an Iverson... but he died a while back. Like a century or so, so I doubt it's him. It's a really nice park though!

Martin McPhillips said...

Best answer to that play was one I read about on the NY Post's Page Six (gossip) many years ago.

A minor local TV personality, George Whipple, tried "Do you know who I am?" on a velvet rope guy outside a club that was then called The Ritz.

The velvet rope guy looks at him and then turns to the people on the line Whipple is trying to jump and shouts out, "Anyone here recognize this man? He's suffering from amnesia and doesn't know who he is."

Anonymous said...

yah the Gov. of Va. got his ass out of a lot of the stupid things he and his relatives did while he was to be a BIG star for some round ball team. Total LOSER!! A thug of dubious caractor at best.

perlhaqr said...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Shotgun? For an undead Molly Ivins? Et tu, Tam?

Tam said...


Boy, that's a toughie.

Who do you believe? The ex-jock with the track record of thuggery? Or the cops from a department with a record that is... well, less-than-spotless in the truth-telling arena?

Fruitbat44 said...

I did once come across the theory that the problem with saying "Do you know who I am?" to the cops isn't the answer, but the fact that cop's automtically translate it:

"I am a pompous prat who desperately needs to be taken down a peg or two; dear kind Mr. Policeman would you so oblige?"