Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Overheard in the Office:

Me: "But... but... Minnesotans? A riot of Minnesotans?"

RX: "You have to remember that Mankato is a hotbed of Leftism 'n' entitlement, and..."

Me: "Yeah, but... Minnesotans! Can you picture a mob of Garrison Keillors rampaging smugly down a street, sanctimoniously overturning cars?"

RX: "Absolutely. Flab a-wobblin' the whole way."


og said...

A Riot of minnesotans.
A Murder of Crows.
A Trip of Goats.
A Yawn of Hoosiers.
A Geeze of Floridians.
Another fine internet rathole to fall down, thankyouverymuch.

WV: Clenesse. Treat your hair to shiny, glowing manageability with Clenesse.

oh, do I need to go get some coffee.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Og beat me to it.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Garrison Keillor types do frighten me, yes. Because they are that close to tripping over into a violent rage and would have perfectly internalized justification for their mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Way to show some solidarity with the rest of us in flyover land, guys. we're either portrayed as Keillor libtard wannabees or Fargo-esqe folksy dullards.

What sort of poster child might Indiana be famous for? white breads Evan Bayh or Dan Quayle, tall white guys like Larry Bird or...the coach from Hoosiers? Bobby Knight? Too many BBall references I know, but it's early and I'm a little hungover.

and I'm joking, BTW, for those in the sarcasm free seats who didn't get it. Almost completely, anyhow.

St Paul

og said...

Painfully, Indiana is famous for numbskulls like Vonnegut, and Letterman, and the only hoosier born and raised here who made anything meaningful of himself, jean Shepherd, died a grouchy surly old man.

Tam said...


"What sort of poster child might Indiana be famous for?"

You know how whitebread everybody thinks Minnesotans are? Imagine something even whitebreader.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

It's Minnesotans, though. It would at least be a polite riot.

cryptical said...

A few years back the U of M Men's Hockey team won the NCAA championship a couple years in a row, with mild riots a few blocks off campus. Garbage cans were burned, etc.

A couple years after that the Women's hockey team won the NCAA championship, the joke at the time was that they wanted to sue under Title IX because they didn't get an equal riot...

Bubblehead Les. said...

It's Bush's Fault.

Pathfinder said...

@Matt St Paul - "we're either portrayed as Keillor libtard wannabees or Fargo-esqe folksy dullards."

Well, you did elect Ellison, and the movie "Fargo" was filmed in Brainerd MN. Of course, it was all an "inside" joke on the part of Coens who hate this whole area, as they do most of flyover country.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Does that make the participants 'Wobblies'?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we in the Metro area are stuck with the gerrymandered congressional districts that leave us with Ellison, McCollum, et al. Don't get me started on old hides under his desk, life's too hard I'm falling off the wagon again Dayton, our Gov who wants to raise ourtax rates while hiding his own trust on SoDak.

I did look with pride at the old hometown district tossing Oberstar out, finally.

Some was filmed in Brainerd, but a lot more in St Louis Park or Minneapolis. William H Macy's scene where he loses his sh!t, chipping away at the ice on his windshield in frustration captures MN in winter perfectly...

St Paul

Weer'd Beard said...

It's not just Mr. Prairie Home Companion ...don’t forget Joan "Turkey Neck" Peterson.

As a matter of fact I'm picturing Minnesota like Florida, only colder.

Are there any Youth there? ; )

Atom Smasher said...

Hey, don't we get any credit for Bachmann?

Plus, we've been Shall Issue for 8 years now.

North said...

"It's Minnesotans, though. It would at least be a polite riot."

Bah. Many are the rudest people I've ever met.

The "polite" thing - in my experience - applies to NO state. Or country (I'm looking at you, Canada.)

Anonymous said...

MN Nice is really MN Passive Agressive, I agree.

I usually go one step further and tell people they're fools to their faces, rather than mumble it under my breath when they're walking away, then let the air out of their car tires later.

St Paul

mc said...


That got me right off the bat as well--

I am running with the term "Flabawobblin" being valid in and of itself.

Engaging in humiliating, cringe inducing public sanctimony while likely gooned up on NPR and dangerous levels of oikophobic introspection and brooding.

Flabawobblin. Friends don't let friends etc...

A venn diagram overlaying Flabawobblers and our sad legions of metrosexual-obama-drooling castrati might be telling.

I hope the term is not rattling around the old cabeza tomorrow at any rate. That would take way too much explaining away the chuckling at poor and less than helpful moments.

Steve Florman said...

MINNEAPOLIS elected Ellison, not the rest of us. I'm in Bachmann's district. (IMHO that wasn't such a great choice, either; if she and Ellison come together in the same room the resulting explosion destroys the universe.)