Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So Obama birth certificate theories have now officially moved from "probably wrong" to "alien sasquatches built the pyramids". As it turns out, Barry was exercising his American right to say "None of your business." (Too bad he doesn't seem to think everybody has that right...)

I think Iowahawk said it best in Twitter a few minutes ago:
After years of useful service to Obama, birthers get thrown under the bus.

The hardest of the hardcore, the ones who have based their life around this for the last three years, are not going to change their mind, but they wouldn't if you could take them in a time machine to the delivery room and let them witness the Blessed Event. They'd claim it was a hoax.

When you've built your life around a belief, it can be hard to admit you were wrong; I mean, what's somebody do whose whole identity these last three years has been running I mean, when their claim to fame is being the moderator at the forum there, and all their friends are people that they meet at the monthly BirtherForums get-togethers, are they just going to say "Whoops. Guess we were wrong."?

No, they're going to call me an easily-duped sheeple in 5... 4... 3...

(PS: The timing is what's bugging me. This was a big hole card that Barry had been sitting on for a while. Why now?)


Anonymous said...

But it's wrong. It's supposed to say 'barry soerto'

I read it on the intertubes.


And, really, your comments have the most complex captchas ever.

Kevin said...

HA! I can reproduce that document using MSWord using only the default settings! IT'S A FORGERY!

(Just kidding, just kidding!)

bluesun said...

At least Trump's one-legged platform has been knocked over...

Living in Babylon said...

The birther thing, even if true, never struck me as important-to me, a naturalized immigrant is a citizen and should have all rhe rights of a citizen all the way up to being the POUS.

I just think they should wait quietly to enact official legislation on the issue until Schwarzenegger is dead.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I can tell you exactly why. Money.

Trump said he'd file a tax return if Obama would produce proof he was born. Assuming that tax return wasn't bogus, there may be a signifant portion of the deficit cleaned up right there;)


Guffaw in AZ said...

You are correct. The timing is weird. Seems to me that about one week before the Rep Convention would have been better, strategically.
Who knows? Maybe he just became tired of it?

Firehand said...

Isn't Bernanke having a press conference later today?

Jim said...

I think Barry blinked. I don't see how the timing can help him, so as far as I can tell it must have been done as a result of Trump's pounding the issue daily. Now this will free Trump to pound another issue, like Obama's college records.

Tam said...


"Isn't Bernanke having a press conference later today?"

Is he?

I know that, as she was walking out the door for work, Bobbi said "I'd be watching the financial news today."

Ed Foster said...

I wonder why he didn't do it way back when? It would have made his life a lot easier during the campaign.

My ballpark guesstimate is that he (they) didn't want anyone digging around in Obama's history, for fear of finding things like travels to Pakistan on Indonesian passports or really lousy school grades and questionable enrollments in prestigious schools without any qualifications.

Last I heard, he'd spent almost 1.5 million dollars to seal every record he'd ever generated. There's something dirty there.

It is known, however, that he was at best a luke-warm student in every school he attended, including Occidental, a hopped up community college that typifies mediocrity.

How is it known? Honor rolls are published, and he was never on any. Also, the bit about nobody in his graduating class from Columbia ever remembering him from class and study sessions seems to be real. A few people saw him occasionally going in and out of the office of a campus radical group. That's all.

So, who arrainged and paid for the Columbia and Harvard years for this, at best, innocuous Walter Mitty?

A slippery slope indeed, rummaging aroud in a person's past. Best to seal it away completely and hide behind one's fully owned bitches in media.

JD said...

I am suprised he did this. It was looking like the birther thing was going to be a great way to get the GOP to hang itself as it fought over this and pushed independent voters away from the Rep party. Now that this is over and they can't use it to call the other side nuts what have they gained???

Guess someone has to keep digging into his past, he has to be hiding something good to let this go.

Anonymous said...

His body might be American, but his heart sure isn't.


Stretch said...

Babylon: Naturalized citizens are barred from the presidency because they may feel some loyalty to a foreign power and not fully appreciate American culture and hist ... er ... never mind.

North said...

This whole birth certificate thing is an 'odd thing' at the very least.

Why do we have an administration that has done this odd thing?

If you believe birthers then there is something going on, or if you dismiss birthers, there is still something going on.

Paul said...

I would posit he did it to

a Bump his ratings
b Pull some soke away from Bernake
c One of his controllers deemed it to me time.

Barry flat out hates all white people.

Also, How did a typed birth cetificate get in a book?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Could someone explain to me why the Birth Certificate states that he was born in a Manger on February 31st in Roswell, New Mexico?

And to why he released it? Money. Hate to say it, but the Donald could outspend him during the Upcoming Voter Fraud Follies 2-1, and all the "Yes We Cans" wouldn't clear the TeeWee of the "Show the Certificate!"ads that would be on 24/7.

This also says that BHO Deauce (per his Birth Certificate) really doesn't fear any Nominee from the Official Republitard Party nor its Organization.

If I was the Donald, however, I'd be staying away from Dealy Plaza in Dallas.

Noah D said...

I've been scratching my head about the 'birther' business since it began. Bill Ayers? Jeremiah Wright? No, let's worry about this!

Joel said...

Bah. I don't object to him because he's from Kenya. I object to him because he's from Chicago.

John Stephens said...

I never expected anything to come of it, it was more psychological warfare than anything else. Clearly there was something about the issue that really got under his skin, and as long as he was insisting on doing things that made my flesh crawl I was happy to return the favor. It was fun while it lasted though.

Henry Blowfly said...

Trump owns Barry. Made him produce his long form when he obviously didn't want to.

Next; college records.

Chas S. Clifton said...

It's not the birth, it's the cover-up.;)

Brad K. said...

What Joel said!

@ Tam,

This doesn't settle the whole question. Really.

a) This is a 'certificate of live birth', which can be filled out administratively - that it doesn't always mean the baby was born where the certificate states. This certificate has been described and known about before - it doesn't fully answer that part of the birther issue.

b) Notice Mama's age, and Daddy isn't a citizen. Part 1 goes - the President must be a 'natural born' citizen. Part 2 goes, that a natural born citizen has two American citizen (at the time of birth) parents, or one American citizen parent that at the time of birth had lived in the US, as an adult, for the previous five years. That means Mom has to be 23/26 years old, to be the sole claim for being 'natural born' citizen. According to the certificate of live birth - Mama was only 18, and Daddy hadn't become a US citizen.

Sorry - this isn't the answer to the birther issue, and won't convince anyone with doubts. This isn't a new document, and likely hasn't been doctored up. Although the document looks a lot fresher, age-wise, than my birth certificate does. Especially since Bobby Soetoro was enrolled in school in Malaysia as a Muslim and citizen of Malaysia, and there are no records of any request to restore citizenships for B. Hussein Obama, II. And the nation of Kenya obviously still considers B. Hussein Obama, II their own, fully citizen of Kenya, native son. Remember Michelle's reference to B. Hussein's "home village" there?

It is interesting, though that B. Hussein goes by his father's (Kenyan) name, Barrack Hussein Obama, and not his own, Barrack Hussein Obama II. Curious, that.

breda said...

I am only leaving a comment because the WV is heroing as in "Here we go a-heroing"

Brad K. said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know why the Certificate of Live Birth just came out - B. Hussein Obama, II, is clearing the decks!

He wants to pull a "Palin", and resign, so he can devote his time to getting elected President and raise some funds off-the-books! He is going to have VP Joe declared incompetent, and Speaker of the House, too, so that puts Hilary into the oval office, to take the blame for the tanking economy, the tanking availability of oil the tanking debt crisis - and the weedy White House garden! Just wait and see, we will have the "Barry Seotoro Obama hour on MSNBC before you can say, "Whoa! What happened!" Besides, how else could B. Hussein get his old Chicago buddy, the new Mayor, no less, on his ticket as VP? This is a priceless strategy - if Barry never finishes a term, why, he can come back for ever an never hit that nasty two-term limit!

Will Brown said...

Here's something I've not seen mentioned yet.

Obama just publicly identified who he wants the Republicans to nominate to run against him.

Remember how McCain was the media's darling prior to the '08 Rebublican nomination convention? Let's see if the same tactic gets recycled. Push The Donald as the "obvious" "best" "choice" for the Republicans, then savage him afterwards to Obama's comparative advantage.

By declaring his intention to run for re-election as early as he has, Obama pre-empts any serious challenge from within his own party (something that was beginning to get MSM notice only a few weeks ago). Now he's demonstrated the "effectiveness" of his potential opponent by apparently being bested by him on a long-standing issue.

Palin let herself be marginalized in '08; who's going to fall on his/her sword to give Trump some apparent political expertise in '12?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Brad K. : It is possible that Barry can CLAIM Kenyan Citizenship, due to the fact that his Father wasn't a Citizen at the time of Barry's Birth. That is the reason that Kenya claims he is one of their own. But if he ever does that while in Office that could bar him from remaining Prez. Many People can claim Dual Citizenship, because it rests on the Sovereignty of the Nation of whom that Parent is a Citizen. I know this to be true, because I am one of those People. My Father was a Resident Alien (Green Card Holder) from Hungary when he met and married my Mother in 1958. He didn't get his Citizenship for 10 years (LOOOONG Story), and we were worried about MY Status when we visited Hungary in 1974. But the State Department said I was a U.S. Citizen, put that onto our Family Passport, and told us to call the Embassy if there was any problems with the People's Republic. But due to the fact that Dad was still Legally a Citizen of Hungary at the time of my Birth, I could claim Hungarian Citizenship today, if I choose to do so.

Now Barry may use his Dad's Kenyan Citizenship if he needs to skeedaddle out of the Country and Claim Asylum in Nairobi, but I don't see why he would ever feel the need to do so....

Tirno said...

My kids are dual citizens, as well, since my wife didn't get her citizenship until after the second was born.

As far as the US is concerned, they're natural born US citizens, and that's all there is to it.

As far as the UK is concerned, they were born to a UK subject, and therefore they are UK subjects as well as any other citizenship rights they might hold. The UK embassy web site has a FAQ about how to enjoy such a status without jeopardizing one's US citizenship: don't join the armed forces of the UK; don't run for or hold public office in the UK; and for good measure, use your US passport when going into and out of US customs.

There are times that I consider (if the kids are up for it) sending them to Cambridge or Oxford while taking advantage of their dual citizenship status as that's much cheaper than in-state tuition. I wouldn't say that I support state sponsored education as much as I see an opportunity to plunder it. I already made off with one of their very expensively educated doctors.

Jenny said...

Will - I think you may be right.

Also, I'm thinking.... he thinks the majority of Americans are dumb tribal herd animals, and the noise Trump was making did turn what had always been intended as a useful distraction into a real "ohmyGodwhathaveIdone?!" moment.

Miguel said...

"into a real "ohmyGodwhathaveIdone?!" moment."

Didn't that happen in the last election?

Tam said...

Yeah, as much as he'd like to think so, Trump had very little to do with this.

Jonah Goldberg tweeted this morning something to the effect of "Obama could appoint Charlie Sheen to CIA and the birth certificate would drown it out."

I'm watching the left hand...

North said...

"I'm watching the left hand..."

That man is all left hands.

karrde said...

Re: Barry not going by "Barack Obama II".

There was this guy named Albert Gore, Jr. who never mentioned that 'Jr.' part when he ran for President in 2000. (Nor when running for VP in '92 and '96.)

Not too surprising. Now, for how long did B.O. go by the name "Barry Soetero", and how did he do so if his official birth name was Obama?

Justin said...

"(PS: The timing is what's bugging me. This was a big hole card that Barry had been sitting on for a while. Why now?)"

Because the level of amusement Barry's been deriving from the public stupidity of the Birthers has just been eclipsed by the level of amusement he is going to derive from making Donald Trump look stupid in front of the entire country.

Steve Skubinna said...

I'm thinking Barry flinched. Dropping poll numbers, Trump publicly hammering him to rapt media attention (although the media probably covered it because they thought it reflected more on Trump than on Obama), the fact that the more he stonewalled the more it looked as if he was hiding something (and just watch the birthers pounce on that argument), the fact that releasing the certificate required at most a five minute phone call.

His self confidence has been rattled badly the past two years, he's sweating.

Personally, I am a bit disappointed. While accepting that he was born in the US, and that by this date even if he weren't it was irrelevant (the only mechanism to remove a sitting President is impeachment and that's not going to happen), I had thought there might be some innocuous detail that he, and nobody else, would find embarrassing or inconvenient. This is a man who has, quite literally, created himself and has stage managed every public aspect of his story. So if his birth name had been Barry Dunham, or his mother's marital status recorded as single, it would have been something at odds with his story.

Hank said...

The new theory shall now be the alien pyramid building sasquatches delivered a masterfully forged document to Obama in exchange for the souls of the unborn.

Anybody got a better predection?

Murphy's Law said...

My only issue with this whole mess is the double standard that we've seen from the so-called "investigative media"...the people that spent years chasing down W. Bush's military records and every document related to his entire family. no matter how insignificant. And when another Conservative Republican comes to the point where he or she can challenge Obama, these same media types who have been refusing to ask Obama for anything deeper than his final four picks will of course go after that challenger relentlessly, looking for anything and everything that they can find to discredit them.

But Obama gets a pass. He has always gotten this pass from scrutiny and tough questions (or any questions, unless pre-approved softballs count) and it's probably why he's where he is today. THAT'S my problem with it. And I don't even think that he was secretly born in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

By timing I assume you mean that Barry was born 35.5 weeks after his mother's 18th birthday.

So Barry senior was a rapist. The only question remaining is whether it was statutory rape or rape-rape.

NotClauswitz said...

I'm surprised Hawaii didn't lose it actually, they're none too organized and the tropical climate isn't conducive to long-lived paper-products.
The witholding - he withholds a lot, he's a control freak and he wanted to wait to unveil it at his Presidential Library.
The wall of dis-interest put up by Teh Mediaz reflects on their water-carrying. Keep your eye on the Third Hand, not just the left one.
I don't mind him making Trump look stupid - Trump is a stupid elitist/statist and no friend to gun owners.

Cond0011 said...

Ha! Nice quote from Iowahawk! Passing it on.

Tam said...

Anon 2:30,

"By timing I assume you mean that Barry was born 35.5 weeks after his mother's 18th birthday.

So Barry senior was a rapist.

Age of consent in Hawaii is 16.

Unknown said...

The Clinton campaign began the whole birther thing.

Trump's made the Obamination look foolish, what with having spent around a million bucks in legal fees to hide the certificate.

Barry finally gave up, in part, probably, due to the polls showing people saying, "If there's nothing to hide, why hide?" Polls as indicators of perception are far more important than any reality, after all.

Anonymous said...

Remember back when everyone was upset about Bush and Cheney asserting Executive Privilege and refusing to release various documents such as lists of who Cheney was meeting with? Perhaps this was to cover up secret meetings to set up deals with cronies, or perhaps it was the age old desire of executives to have special powers and privileges.

I think the same thing was in play here until now; the President didn't want to release this because he was the president damnit, and he didn't have to release things unless HE chose to. It fits with every other executive privilege/activity of Bush's that Obama decried while running, but then adopted once the power was his.

What made him release it? Who knows, maybe there is an up and coming financial anouncement, or maybe it has something to do with the replacement of Gates.

Speaking of that; CNN reported that Gates has been looking to get out of the job for a bit. Anyone heard anything about that? Personally, I can only remember his statement that he would resign before he allowed us to send troops into Libya. Are we about to get more Kinetic?

Anonymous said...

"Age of consent in Hawaii is 16."

If I read the laws right, there's a 5 year limit on age difference. That may not have been the case in 1960 however.

Looks like a shotgun wedding in Feb '61, Barry Jr born in Aug '61, Mom heads off to Seattle in Sept '61 for UW, quiet divorce in '64.

None of this is Barry Jr's fault. He's just a scumbag from a long line of scum bags.

Tam said...

"If I read the laws right, there's a 5 year limit on age difference. That may not have been the case in 1960 however. "

That applies to 14 and 15 year-olds.

perlhaqr said...

Notice Mama's age, and Daddy isn't a citizen. Part 1 goes - the President must be a 'natural born' citizen. Part 2 goes, that a natural born citizen has two American citizen (at the time of birth) parents, or one American citizen parent that at the time of birth had lived in the US, as an adult, for the previous five years. That means Mom has to be 23/26 years old, to be the sole claim for being 'natural born' citizen. According to the certificate of live birth - Mama was only 18, and Daddy hadn't become a US citizen.

So... anyone born to an underage mother, where the father wasn't a citizen, can't be President? Even if they were born in America, to an American mother?

Robin said...

The questions about what age and how long one parent lived in the US apply solely to the citizen status of people born outside the US. It has no affect on someone born in the US.

Especially since the Fourteenth Amendment, there is zero chance of the Supreme Court interpreting someone born in the US, even of one parent not a US citizen, as not being "natural born citizen" re: Article II. Zero. Sole exception would possibly be of foreign state diplomats as parents.

All people claiming differently are misrepresenting the state of the law, the Constitution and taking statutes out of context.

nbc said...

This last three years of birtherism could have been so easily avoided if just one person in 2008, had said "May I see that?"

Still, it's been a good giggle.

Moriarty said...

(PS: The timing is what's bugging me. This was a big hole card that Barry had been sitting on for a while. Why now?)

Check the spot price on gold and silver following Geithner's speech today:

That's why.

Brad K. said...

@ Robin,

Thanks for clarifying that where the birth occurred does matter. I had understood from earlier writing that a child of mixed citizenships, where the US citizen hadn't lived continuously in the US five years as an adult, was a US citizen - but not a natural born citizen. Citizenship for such a child would have to be requested rather than assumed, where ever the child is born, and would be something like a "naturalized" citizen. Now I know.

@ Steve Skubinna,

Actually, the Constitution provides for a 'defect' - the election to the Presidency of someone that doesn't meet the criteria. The electee steps aside, the VP executes the office of President until such time as the 'defect' is corrected. Presumably B. Hussein could get his packed Supreme Court to decree his citizenship is now 'natural born', he just would be able to do it as sitting President. And every act he has taken as President would be invalidated.

Perhaps B. Hussein got another SC justice to step down, and feels less threatened by a legal challenge now. How did he manage to dump Justice David Souter so quickly, anyway? I mean, he had Sotomayor clamoring for her shot at the stars, and political debts to pay, and Souter just happens to decide to retire as this Chicago politician takes office?

staghounds said...

"spent around a million bucks "

No, bought a million dollars worth of patronage with someone else's money and cost his enemies another million.

It's never wasted, because someone always gets it.

Anonymous said...

and i was just thinking of the ideal republican ticket...
Putin/Brown 2012!

Anonymous said...

Tam - As it turns out, Barry was exercising his American right to say "None of your business."

I have to take exception to this. There are a couple of legal requirements to be the president, and "natural born citizen" is one of them. Captain Bullsh*t was asked to prove that he meets that requirement. "None of your business" isn't a good answer when dealing with a legal requirement.

og said...

It would have been as simple as saying "Here it is". Three years ago.

it's still a non issue. It's like getting tweaked because you found an unpaid parking ticket in John Wayne Gacy's nightstand. There are a few other things to be pissed at wingnuthead for.

trevalyan said...

Donald Trump is a clown, but he's a wild master at getting elected by fools. Watching an election between him and Obama will be hideously entertaining, but not much else.

I don't honestly care about why Obama released his birth certificate now, or what influence Trump had over it, or any of that other piddling crap. When you have this many idiots fixated on it, while the wheels come off the economy and the government becomes increasingly insane, it's clear voting won't get us out of this.

Billy Beck is justified to egg me in the street for claiming Ron Paul would be our last, best hope out of this. HAH!

CalvinsMom said...

Screw the birth certificate.

I want to see the occidental, Columbia and Harvard transcripts of the Smartest man in the World.

Wanna bet they're dismal and full of "gentleman's C's?"

Colleges socially promote, too.

Stranger said...

Look up the Founders definition of Natural Born sometime. Then read a short story by one E.A. Poe called "The purloined letter." Then take another look at that almost certainly legitimate certificate.


Tam said...


"Captain Bullsh*t was asked to prove that he meets that requirement."

He did, to the people that mattered.

Had there been an issue, the Clinton Machine would have used it to steamroller him back then.

ASM826 said...

Beat him at the polls in 2012. Do it with the issues.

kishnevi said...

Speaking of that; CNN reported that Gates has been looking to get out of the job for a bit. Anyone heard anything about that?

That's been part of the reports from the get go. Gates said he was not going to say for a second term, if there was one: it was just a question of when. And doing it now, while the 2012campaign is only in low, makes sense. And the whole Panetta/Petraeus switch was being reported as probably last week.

Still, this did push that news and the Bernanke item into the back burner newswise, so I'd start looking for the birdie there.

Note to stranger: I've looked up the founder's definition, and it means born in the United States, no other qualifiers. Which means, absent pyramid building sasquatches, Obama is a "natural born" citizen.

Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

Something to think about: if it's not fake, why so long to produce it? I reckon this is real, unless more concrete evidence comes to light.

But when it concerns Constitutional regulations about who is ruling over us, "None of your business" doesn't cut it. We, the People are the people who matter the most, not the Democrat party leaders.

Whether or not his birth certificate is a hoax, Obama is a hoax president.

Sebastian said...

As to the timing, the cynic in me suggests that perhaps Barry would prefer to run against the rest of the Republican lot that's stocking up on hair care and fake tanning products, than he would Donald Trump.

And I think Trump's candidacy is a total friggin joke.

tanksoldier said...

It's NOT "none of our business". Citizenship is a basic qualification of the office. If he wasn't running for and elected President, THEN it would be none of our business.

Oh, and why is the certificate number blacked out?

Joe in PNG said...

As far as sneaky, underhanded Machiavellian strategy goes, Barry is more of a Von Bulow than a Bismark.

Tam said...


"Something to think about: if it's not fake, why so long to produce it?"

If it's fake, why put it out there where every Tom, Dick, and Harry can dissect it?

Look, the whole Birther thing is a manifestation of Magical Thinking: Something awful that I don't like has happened, and if I can just chant the magic words, I can make it all unhappen...

Tam said...


You had to show your SocSec card to your boss and your DL to a judge, right? Why not throw them on a scanner?

Robin said...

Tam is right that "none of your business" was among Obama's rights.

The Constitution does not entitle us to his original birth certificate. It just requires that Obama be a natural born citizen and does not specify how it is established. He could use any evidence up to and including having a state issued document that had evidentiary value attesting to his birth in the US - which he did long ago. He could have proven it by having his mother swear that she saw him show up in the OB's arms in Hawaii ...

NCDave said...

It just may have something to do with Jerome Corsi's new book, due out soon. NCDave

Kristophr said...

Brad K: If Obama was born inside the US, then he is Native Born, and a US citizen, regardless of what nationality his parents are.

If he was born outside the US, then it would be a different issue.

He's produced the document. Now it's up to you to produce extraordinary evidence to back up an extraordinary claim.

That being said ... I wonder what else can be forced out of him? I'd like to see those papers he submitted for the degrees he had claimed ... we can play this fun game with him all the way to Nov. 2012!

Au├čenseiter said...

Pretty amusing, watching those silly birther antics. You gotta face it: your retarded system of government pretty much ensures droids like Obama are highly electable. Not that we have it much better, but a country of that size putting so much power into the hands of one person...

Anyway, here is a sorta amusing short story about the Barry O nonsense, one that explains the conspiracy theories:

Spud said...

We all blather on about nothing....while Rome burns.
Repugnicans new motto...
If you can't dazzel with brilliance,baffle with bullshit.
Where are the real leaders, that will discuss a path out of the wilderness ?

staghounds said...

Sasquatches landed in the New World.

They built the Nazca lines.

Alien YETI built the pyramids.

Laughingdog said...

So sad to see that one of my co-workers is a birther. He just threw this link up on Facebook about the birth certificate stuff. All I can say is "Wow!".

mariner said...

I've been disgusted to see how many supposed defenders of freedom have viciously slandered anyone who simply wanted to see proof that a particular presidential candidate met the Constitutional requirements to hold office.

Tam said...

I've been disgusted to see how many supposed defenders of freedom wouldn't listen to everybody who said he had, in the hope that they could magic him away.

John B said...

What I said at the time was...
I gotta show my Birth certificate to get a Drivers License or Passport. That Yotz can pony his up when running for President.

I mean it would show solidarity with the downtrodden Americans he's deigned to rule.

Tam said...

John B,

"I gotta show my Birth certificate to get a Drivers License or Passport. That Yotz can pony his up when running for President."

That's been the point all along. You had to show your BC to get the license. You didn't have to show it to everybody who asked, post it on the internets, and put it on live TV.

Barry proved his citizenship to everbody that needed to see it. And all those people have been saying all along that they've seen it.

Matt G said...

Now's not a bad time to do it, from BHO's point of view. He gets cred for having said "Noneya" before, and he gets cred (some) (by fence-sitters) for having released it now. He's campaigning for 2012, and in fact he's never stopped.

Cormac said...

Call me a brain-dead optimist...but I'm giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.

I like to think that he has no real desire to run for office, he's just making a ton of noise to get some of the old trash out of the way before it starts to stink again.

This is now an issue which we can be reasonably assured will not come up (and not be able to come back and bite us in the ass) during the primaries or the election.

I want him to keep railing about this kind of nonsense. I want him to get the right people worked-up enough that they'll finally let some of the big, bad, dirty secrets out.

Donald for unelected noisemaker 2011!!!!

Ken said...

I have a theory on the reason Birthers are so strident. I suspect that many of them are relatively new in politics, and as the old saying goes, "There are no converts like new converts." Since they lack the context of opposing the Left for decades, as many of us have, they are shocked by how awful Obama is--when, truth be told, he isn't really that much worse than Clinton or Kerry, and he's probably not quite as bad as Gore or Dukakis.

Many of them, I think, were part of the unthinking multitudes back during the Clinton years, when 70% of the populace were enjoying the boom times and 30% of us were wondering just how long we'd be able to keep our Second Amendment rights against an unremittingly hostile president. To those of us who were in that 30%, we tend to get irritated when these people, who never gave a rat's ass about Clinton making an illegal gun registration list that violated his own unconstitutional Brady Bill, suddenly tune in to politics for the first time and conclude that Obama is the only asshole in America.

The fact is that there's a hard left-wing core of 20% who hate this country and want to tear it down, and to a large extent they control the Democrat Party. Any Democrat president is going to be an anti-freedom disaster, no matter how much Hillary's supporters bitch about how badly she got cheated in the primaries. Ultimately, we will have to confront them and defeat them over the course of decades. It can be done, but it will take much more than a birth certificate.

M said...

Ah. Now we know why now: The White House Press Corps Roast. He had to have material.