Monday, April 04, 2011

Still in the tank.

The morning news programs, especially on MSNBC (a.k.a. OTV), were all extremely bubbly and sunny about the economy over the weekend. It was bizarre, like having the weatherman telling you it was 70 and sunny when you can look out the window and see the snow drifts and leaden overcast for yourself.

"It looks like things have turned the corner!" chirped one talking head. Right. We've "turned" so many "corners" since '09 that we've got to be practically on top of the minotaur by now, but the scat in this labyrinth continues to look like bear droppings.

So food prices are up, oil's up, precious metals are at all-time highs, even mainstream econ types are making scary Weimar noises... What was with the chirpy optimism on the "Lean Forward" network?

It all became clear this morning:

Ah. Still in the tank, I see.


Living in Babylon said...

"on top of the minotaur"

Well I dunno about you, but I'm rolling for initiative.

I keed of course. I'm a coward; today's roll is Move Silently.

Jimmy said...

what's his platform going to be?

"things can only get better can't they?"


"just gimme 4 more years, i can fix this i promise.... i'm getting the hang of this President thing i really am.... seriously guys c'mon.... guys?"

no, that last one wouldn't fit on a campaign button very well.

TJIC said...

"We've "turned" so many "corners" since '09 that we've got to be practically on top of the minotaur by now,"


Tam said...


"just gimme 4 more years, i can fix this i promise.... i'm getting the hang of this President thing i really am.... seriously guys c'mon.... guys?"

Oh, man, I LOL'ed and LOL'ed. :D

Lewis said...

Never mind more cowbell, the world needs more minotaur!

McVee said...

Well, now that He has some actual experience... who knows how far this country could go.


Stuart the Viking said...

Well, with this announcement he can continue... I mean get back to... what he does best. Campaining. Which will probably consist of blaming Bush and making a bunch of pie in the sky promises that are impossible to keep but the fawning masses really hope are true enough that they will vote for him.

Since hoping for a wookie canidate that could win is an impossible dream, I hope the Repugnants come up with a canidate that is at least halfway electable.


Ritchie said...

I have a camera lens that allows me to get two adjacent streets at a corner in the same frame. There must be some kind of mental warpage analog.

WV:maggicky By golly, I think Skynet has it!

Paul said...

changed, you like it?

Anonymous said...

What, he wants to be the president who lost the re-election the worst?


Jay G said...

Just *imagine* how the papers would read if McCain had won.

Imagine what they'd be doing with gas rocketing towards $4/gallon.

Imagine what they'd be doing with Gitmo still open for business.

Imagine what they'd be doing with McCain bombing Libya.

Imagine what they'd be doing with unemployment hovering around 10%.

Yeah. Like Lennon said, "Imagine"...

Anonymous said...


Meanwhile, precious metals, aka the Barometer of Bad, opens up big on the news.


"...hoping for a wookie canidate that could win is an impossible dream..."

I dunno...take a look at the Cuban kid from Fla; he's about where the O was at this point in '07 and has a similar magnetism, but with a compass pointing about a 180 different direction. Fresh, fiery blood, one gen removed from Commieism, he's a 'pub but he elbowed out milquetoast Crist for the Senate and the TP'ers down here love him. We don't need a leader, but we do need a it him?


Anonymous said...

Q My, my who will the R's run this time?
A Anyone they want.

Sarah said...

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."

Dear Leader would never make that his campaign song, but it darned well should be.

Jimmy said...

Actually the sad part is, he's probably going to win. I mean who's running that could defeat him? Trump? Huckabee? Bachman? not happening. I do NOT see good times ahead boys and girls.

Matt said...

MSNBC : Michelle Says No Barack Criticism

Tam said...

"Trump? Huckabee? Bachman? not happening."

You always put the cannon fodder out front to soak up the enemy fire. ;)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Let's see, April 2011 until November 2012, gee, that gives us 18 months of Bubbly, Rainbow-Farting, Isn't Barack the Greatest Leader of All Time 24/7 Lamestream News Pablum to put up with. Hope all those old Hippie-Dippie Commie Talking Head Pundits from the 60's can keep up their Leg Tingling for that long.

As for the Republitards pack of "I can beat Barry!" crowd, the one that would probably beat him in a landslide is.........None of the Above.

Anybody out there know where the nearest Stargate is? I have a sudden need to take a long visit someplace far,far away.

theirritablearchitect said...

It's all campaigning, all the time, now.

The new way of politics.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama 2012
Double Down!


Anonymous said...

Jay G hits the nail on the head. All news is bad when there's a Republican in office; all news is AT LEAST "hopeful" when it's a dem.

Mister_V said...

Can we please stop looking to the same useless failtards who lost us the last election and get somebody decent on the ballot? How about Tom Coburn, it seems like he's the only one who's consistently trying to do anything about gov't spending.

North said...

Was going to say the slogan would be:

Elect me. THIS time I'll be a president.

But that is pretty much covered...

perlhaqr said...

Gary Johnson!