Wednesday, April 06, 2011


You know, I thought the video dialogue here was a bit of Glenn Beck-ish, Limbaugh-esque ham-handed agitprop, until I saw the actual comments below, which read like a veritable transcript of the little blond bobble-head's half of the conversation.

I'm tempted now to see if I can't replicate that cartoon with a random coffee shop patron here in Broad Ripple...


genedunn said...

"No you are just talking nonsense. Those Europeans have windmills! They don't need oil."


PS: "The Bernake Lies!"

Will Brown said...

"... a random coffee shop patron here in Broad Ripple ..."

For all their apparent determination to resort to the same old script, they don't stick with it very well. There's no telling where in the Cosmos that conversation might wind up. :)

og said...

Oh, it's a simple script, and they stick to it perfectly:

"Our guy Roxxors, and your guy Suxxors. Whatver our guy does is Teh Bomb. Whatever your guy does is Teh Suck."

Really, just imagine the reasoning of a four year old, and you pretty much got it.

Earl said...

Just saying that someone, or thing is Awesome seems to be the winning whine... works for the Miz on WWE. My brother told me that the government wasn't going to collapse, as it prepares to shutdown and go home (NHL, NFL, Baseball Strike, and Wisconsin?) For some reason no one thinks that the Soviet Union collapsed, Germany and Vietnam reunited, and that Victoria is no longer Queen in Great Britian.

wv - races

Bubblehead Les. said...

Speaking of Agit-Prop, it seems that Beck will be leaving his 5:00 pm spot on Fox News at the end of the year when his contract is up. Getting ready for the Second Coming, perhaps? Or he's going to work for some Republitard Presidential Campaign? This should be interesting.

Spud said...

Don'tcha know it's gonna be.....
Palin-Beck 2012
or is that
Beck-Palin 2102

God help us all

og said...

Election 2012:
1: We're megafucked.
2: We're ultra mega king kamehameha fucked.

Anonymous said...

Based on Tim Russert spawn Chuckie Todd's report on NBC tonight it seems the top pub choices are Romney, Trump, Huckabee, and Gingrich. Ridiculous caricatures, one and all.

By all means, let's throw in a couple of talking heads like Beck and Limburger, with whom we might share some convictions but who have about as much business RUNNING THE FUCKING WORLD as...well, Obama.

Jesus Christ, if that's the clown car they drive into the ring they deserve to lose. Yeah Og, we're all kinds of fucked.


Mark B. said...

I'll get effing KILLED!!! for this -- Fred Thompson needs to step up to the plate or groom a protege.

"Yeah, I got guns. But I ain't tellin' you how many or where they are."

I believed him, it's the perfect answer to the question and qualifies him for me without reservation. Better: The guy doesn't have an all-consuming ambition to get the job, which in my view makes him more attractive for the gig than anyone else I've seen in the last -- oh shit, maybe forever. Worse: He couldn't win in a one-horse race because -- well, that answer is left as an exercise for the class.


Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree with Mark B. above, I considered Fred Thompson to be an excellent presidential candidate.