Friday, April 08, 2011

Everything was fine until the blue facepaint.

So I dreamed that I was back selling cars again, except this time at a Pontiac dealership, which also had, for some reason, a pistol range in the service bays. Which was kinda cool, actually. For some reason I had one of those early '90s Bonneville SSEi's that was weird in that none of the little chiclet button switches had fallen off the dash or steering wheel.

Anyway, I was going to take a Glock armorer's course there at the shop, except apparently we had scheduled some frickin' special ninja tactical SWAT armorer's course that was being taught by some Austrian ex-snake eater types. Maybe EKO Cobra guys? Anyway, they showed up and they looked like Blue Man Group.

Why, yes, I did have a couple handfuls of soy & wasabi almonds before bed, why do you ask?


Bram said...

Lat night I dreamed that I was visiting John McVie's house with my Dad. It wasn't very big outside but the guest room was enormous and had a marble floor.

McVie was kind of grumpy and just sulked in the kitchen.

Then the alarm went off and it wasn't even Fleetwood Mac. I was listening to some old Peter Green songs the other day.

Josh Kruschke said...



og said...

At least I wasn't there.

WV: Hipresso. Like Espresso, only cooler.

staghounds said...

No more opium for you, Miss DeQuincey.

Weer'd Beard said...

Hey if that blue paint shit worked for the Highlanders and the Celts, then why not use it in Modern SpecOps practice?

makes perfect sense to me.

Oh and the gun range makes sense too. Look at UK, who's making guns now that the real shops are banned? Auto Body shops, of course!

You have seen the future, Oracle let me give you silver so you can tell me of my destiny!

bluesun said...

You just eat weird stuff before you go to bed so you have crazy stories to tell us, don't you?

Matt said...

Your dreams are better than cable.

BobG said...

How do I score some of those almonds?

Unknown said...

You do know that your dream could revolutionize the car selling industry? If I saw that Nissan was offering Glock armorer's courses and shooting lessons while the paperwork was going through, I would be inclined to buy a new Titan every month!

Brad K. said...


The Blue Man Group seems to be a rock/jazz percussion ensemble. The point here is that they are noted for their improvised PVC instruments, and the fact that there are three - the smallest group you can have where one can be left out of the 'group' and look silly being 'different'.

The car represents your esteem for excellence in design and performance.

Similarly, your pistol range is a search for excellence, as are the different courses.

So. Looking for excellence, not mere survival or subsistence, shows a confident and ambitious self-image and enjoyment of the world. The ninja SWAT group is you again, wanting to act out the part of the serious attacker, on the part of the good guys, in a protected environment. You enjoy the action, but aren't actually invested in the harm that comes to those that face those SWAT and commando teams.

The blue faces? mere creative spirit and eagerness to improvise.

I would call this a content, 'dog chasing rabbit' kind of dream. Just mere fun.


Lissa said...

My dream involved my S&W Bodyguard, my family, my old work building in Boston and two enormous gray tornados. I guess homemade peach-mango coffee cake has a similar effect.

Kristophr said...

Shakes magic 8 ball, looks at underside:

"Answer unclear, try again later."

abnormalist said...

Ok two points to CTone
if I could spend my time throwing rounds down range while the paperwork settles rather than declining the up charge for the undercoat, I would greatly prefer that dealership.
Heck, if they let me use the range when they are doing maintenance, I would even pay the $75 for the oil changes and "vehicular check up" the dealers around here want to charge.

Thats it, next time I want to start a business, its a used car lot/gun range and shop.

Sport Pilot said...

You have the most vivid dream's, is there ever a dull moment in your life?

blindshooter said...

I worked for a motorcycle dealership in the 70's that did have a pistol range out back. I loved it(the pistol range not the job)and it does seem like a dream because it was so long ago.