Saturday, April 02, 2011

Life-sized Apple fanbois are more plastic and expressionless.

Via Marko, a link to ThinkGeek's April Fool's Day joke: The Playmobil Apple Store play set.

A fun new way to turn children into lifelong customers!


Julie said...

i think it's a neat idea. I loved the 'line pack' :)

Buzz said...

Just needed to be serving Kool-Aid at the genius bar and it would have been perfect.

Myself, I requested the lightsaber popsicle set to become a real product.
I already have the lightsaber chopsticks.
Can you imagine LEDs causing the popsicle to glow?!??! AWESOME!

Ice cream truck bell version of the Empire theme already downloaded as my phone's ringer.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was fake when I saw how inexpensive it is.


staghounds said...

I knew it was fake when I saw there was no gap between introduction and availabilty, no line coming out of the apple store, and no cold sweat of deprivation on my iJunkie co worker's brow.