Saturday, February 11, 2012

The opposite of news.

Over at Unc's place, there's a lengthening thread about George Lucas's latest crazy mumbling, the one where he says you just imagined that Han Shot First.

In comments, one of my favorite commenters, who goes by the handle "Ancient Woodsman", noted:
In reality, the Obeyme goverment wants to force Catholic employers to provide contraception; Tiny Dancer is openly calling for gun registration; Eric Holdme is telling Congress he wants a new AWB…and yet folks are still arguing – quite seriously – which fictional character did what first??

Well, yeah.

That’s because none of the other stuff is news or even worth much conversation. Seriously, which of the following comes as the biggest surprise to you?

  1. The Obama administration is throwing another constituency under the bus.
  2. Rahm Emanuel supports handgun registration.
  3. George Lucas says that you were hallucinating all this time. You were, you were, YOU WERE!

I get to see liberal Democrats acting like liberal Democrats all the time, but it ain’t every day you get to see somebody go completely frickin' batshit insane in public.

EDIT: Commenter stating that my last sentence is redundant in 3... 2...


Joel said...

Some news items are too familiar and depressing to rate discussion.

Some news items are too silly to rate being news items, or to avoid discussion.

WV="disme." Clearly, Lucas is watching. I will now commence gazing fearfully skyward for the warplanes of Naboo.

Alan J. said...

Of course Han shot first! As a complete Sci-Fi geek and advocate for self-defense, I was always proud of the fact that he did so. It was the one of the best bits of 'realism' in this movie - when the bad guy already has you covered, won't listen to reason, and is monologueing about how much he's always wanted to shoot you anyway, it's the perfect time to shoot him. I think it would've made John Wayne proud...sort of.

Anonymous said...

George Lucas is a typical leftist douche.

Inconvenient facts and inconvenient results? Ignore them, deny them!

He would fit fabulously into Orwell's 1984 dystopia. Han shot first? Down the memory hole!

George Lucas is Big Brother's heroic film maker for Oceania.

WV - Dachas - My senator has dachas in DC, LA and Aspen. But he lives in his Mom's house here in my state.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Since Unc brought it up, I choose to respond. Hans shot first. Can't throw any bums out of Washington until November, World News makes me wish for the Cold War, and the Economy sucks, no matter who's spinning it. But if Lucas want's to start some crap, we'll finish it!

Besides. it beats shoveling Global Warming in a Blizzard.

Stranger said...

"Liberal Dimmocrats?" A Liberal is free with his or her own money. And as tight as the paper on the wall with everyone else' money.

I think the proper term for the current crop of tax, borrow, print, and blow members of Andy Jackson's Jackass Party is "regressive."

But, since the Dimmos resent that, "Marxian Progressive," in the same contrary sense that a very fat man is called "Skinny," will do.


Ed Rasimus said...

Was that Han or Tuco? "When it's time to shoot, shoot! Don't talk, shoot!"

BGMiller said...


That was Tuco.
In a bathtub iirc.

And I was thinking of the exact same quote.


Tam said...


Very similar scenes, except Greedo wasn't there to shoot Han, he was there to take Han to Jabba at gunpoint. (Which makes Lucas's blustering revisionism even funnier. :D It's like he never watched his own movie...)

Mattexian said...

It's been rattlin' around in my bean that maybe Barry should go ahead and create a Church of America, with him as it's head, similar to the church of England being headed by their Crown du jour. It can take in all those soon-to-be excommunicated Catholics who agree with him about "women's reproductive rights" like Pelosi, Biden, most of the Kennedys, along with all the yellow-dog Democrats (and more than a few Repubs) who also call themselves nominally Christian (and whose Dear Leader's slight-of-hand has managed to make everyone's insurance companies dig deeper into OUR pockets to pay for something to which some folks protest against).

WV: birke- aren't those them hippie sandals?

the pawnbroker said...

"...there's just not enough crazy in American politics these days."


"The Revisionist President"

Ruth said...

I still have the original vhs, Han shot first!

Joe in PNG said...

Nothing new here. After all, Lucas is the guy who went for Jar Jar Binks over Grand Admrial Thrawn.

James Sullivan said...

Lucas is swallowing his own BS now and thinks he's mastered the Jedi mindtrick. Nothing more.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

bedlamite said...


Grayson said...

Alright, children. It is past time to settle this nonsense once and for all.

Who shot first?
Who the bleeper-bleeping bleep gives a rancid bleeep?

What MATTERS, you freakoid fanboys, is WHO SHOT LAST, then walked away from the gunfight.

Who, as I seem to recall, was the guy named Solo.

Now, tell me please, what hysterically important lesson should we learn, here?

(loud screaming hint: see the comment from Mr Rasimus, above.)

There. That ought to start something good. :)

Ancient Woodsman said...

Perhaps there is a New Hope after all.

170+ years ago, Thoreau said that the head monkey in Paris puts on a travelling cap & all the monkeys in America do the same.

Today, one of the head monkeys in Hollywood says that things weren't the way they were, and a lot of monkeys on the internet say, "nuh-uh!!"

I suppose 80 years ago in the depths of Great Depression and fog of impending world war the similar arguments were going on in malt shops about the difference between Stoker's or Shelley's novels and the Hollywood adaptations being so, so wrong...certainly this goes back all the way back to students of Aristotle arguing about which version of Heraclitus was correct, if not further.

My bad. Guess us old guys should stick to checkers.

Lanius said...

George Lucas is a typical leftist douche.
Inconvenient facts and inconvenient results? Ignore them, deny them!

Nope, he is a typical human ..., that is, an idiot. No, really, 90% of people are idiots. They may be moral, or nice, but they're still idiots. Evidence is all around you, from the popularity of sports-watching, to the choice of syphilitic camels in national elections, to the inanity of computer game design, which books become bestsellers (Dan Brown, Harry fokking Potter...)...

I mean, say what you want about Repubs, but it's obvious that the utter failure of the Volstead Act hasn't made them see the obvious, namely that prohibition doesn't work and it is in fact a massive subsidy to organized crime. State money drives prices through the roof.

40% of Americans have tried it. In the Netherlands, that supposed crime-ridden and anarchic country*, where pot is legal to smoke, only 22% have done so.

*according to O'Reilly of Fox News, at least, who isn't burdened by hewing to such outdated ideas like facts and statistics, especially if a moral message has to be delivered.

Of course, when the Dutch took offence, O'Reilly completely ignored all evidence they presented and proclaimed it 'invalid'. According to him, Netherlands is too small a country to have a proper statistic compiled..

eeky said...

Han did NOT shoot first.

His was the only shot fired.

Learn it, know it, live it.

Lewis said...

Lanius, dude: Relevance.

Lewis said...

And Marion Ravenwood was TWO DAYS SHY of 18 when Indiana Jones put his moves on her.

Firehand said...

Was that line, "If you're not winning, you're not cheating hard enough"?

When Indy Jones shot the swordsman in the black robe, I thought it was one of the more intelligent actions seen in a movie in years; then I found out the original script called for a long fight... I'm glad Ford had dysentery.

TinCan Assassin said...

So the short and skinny of it, George Lucas said, "These are not the droids you are looking for."

So he believe in his own Jedi Mind Tricks...