Thursday, February 09, 2012

Overheard in Roomie's Bedroom:

A woman on the Today show is discussing possible future life problems of babies delivered prematurely by c-section to treat potential medical problems in the NICU rather than leave the bun in the oven a little longer, one of the many topics on which medicine is always changing its mind:

Chick on the TeeWee: "...and there could be long-term life problems. The breathing difficulties could become asthma later in life, because the lungs and brain are still developing, there could be learning disabilities, cerebral palsy..."

Me: "Oh, great. 'Don't do this or you could end up with an asthmatic 'tard in a wheelchair!'"

RX: "Forty percent of Republicans polled said they'd vote for an asthmatic 'tard in a wheelchair..."

Me: "...instead of Obama or Romney. You know, somebody in Larry's comments section identified themselves as 'an avid Romney supporter'. I don't think I'd ever heard someone describe themselves that way before."

RX: "Get him to line up with the unicorn and the Loch Ness monster and we'll take a picture!"

Me: "♪♫I'm the only gay Eskimo in my tribe...♪♫"
I've seen "avid supporters". Last election, there were avid supporters every time Obama or Palin showed their faces in public. Obama was a rock star, and I'm surprised deer-huntin' bubbas weren't throwing their BVD's up on the stage with Sarahcuda and then fainting in the front rows.

I'll concede that Santorum has some avid supporters and Ron Paul's tiny band of stalwarts practically defines the term, follow someone any more avidly than that and you'll usually catch a restraining order, but Romney and Gingrich? Most of the folks at those... for lack of a better term, we'll call them 'rallies'... look like they understand that spinach is good for them or, more accurately, that arsenic is bad.


Bob said...

Shit Sandwich on Wry, to be precise.

And no, that's not a typo.

Ric Locke said...

Don't listen to the scaries, listen to the qualifiers: "could be", "might", &ct. With Gerbil Worming winding down, the teeweenies need something else to scare the rubes so's they can sell more soap.

In the Land of My Dreams, there's a Constitutional Amendment making anybody who's set foot in the chambers of the Senate or House of Representatives ineligible to become President, for life. This is not to say Governors can't be disasters, too (*koff* Carter *koff koff*) but the track record of Senators, especially, is pretty dismal.


Weer'd Beard said...

I'm the result of a Preemie born via c-section. And yes I have asthma. I prefer that than letting myself and possibly my mom die from my still-present stir-crazy nature.

Oh and I'm a 'tard too I guess because I own and carry guns:

At least that's what the self-important people who don't seem to know anything about anything say.

Oh and I also hate Romney, and Love Corky and the Juice pigs, for what it's worth...

Tam said...


You mean the scaremonger on the TeeWee was scaremongering? I am shocked, shocked, I tell you.

Tam said...

Oh, and I'd definitely vote for Weer'd over Obama or Romney. I'd even buy him a wheelchair! :D

the pawnbroker said...

The last para in that post is some sparkling snarkling.

azmountaintroll said...

I'm a pollworker. I see voters, up close and personal when they're actually voting. During the Florida Presidential Primary, there were NO avid Gingrich supporters. There were however a great number of avid Romney non-supporters (in my precinct, anyway).

DaddyBear said...

If Weerd is running for president, I'll not only vote for him, I'll be his VP.

Anonymous said...

D'beard / Tam 2012

The debates would be the greatest TV ever.


DirtCrashr said...

When I worked on the NICU/LPCHAS fundraising effort, Dr. Stevenson (grand-nephew to Robert Louis) was in neo-natology and working with HP to build tiny-leetle micro gas chromatography devices so they could figure out what was going on with the 3-oz. preemies' internal chemistry by analyzing the exhaust from both ends - avoiding invasive surgery. Miniaturization for miniature pre-people, that's kinda cool.

Kristopher said...

Gott mit uns!

Yep ... we've got Mittins.

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin positively shined, next to John McCain, and unlike McCain, gave some of us hope that she was willing to make a fight of the election.

There was a time when she glowed like a parachute flare, compared to the twisted little shit who rules over us all right now.

All I mean is that for a time, comparatively speaking, she looked damned good. The nation might have survived a Palin administration in much better shape than I think it will our history making first, and last, black President.

Yeeuchh. I think the future will refer to these times as "The Great Indigestion", not something cool like "The Crazy Years".

Mike James

docjim505 said...

Tam - Most of the folks at [rallies for Newt or Mitt]... for lack of a better term, we'll call them 'rallies'... look like they understand that spinach is good for them or, more accurately, that arsenic is bad.

I'm stealing this.

tanksoldier said...

@Mike James: As if the color of the skin was the problem. Plenty of people of all genders, colors, religions... whatever that would make fine Presidents. It's the political philosophy that matters... or did you think Lenin was black, too?

Anonymous said...

Yea....(uh)...What's-his-name!!!!!! He's our guy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Genghis/Pinochet 2012

Anonymous said...

I was an "avid supporter" twice in my life. First time, in 1964, for Barry Goldwater. Then again, for Ronald Reagan.

Since Ronaldus Maximus, no one has deserved my "avid" support.

Justthisguy said...

I have a hard time explaining to some people that the last three or four times I voted for President, I really didn't want the guy I voted for to be President, but that the other guy was even worse.

Bah! Neurotypical sportsfans! I hateses them, and am surrounded by them!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the syphilitic camel.

LabRat said...

As a person who regularly tosses spinach into the shopping cart because I like it, I resent the comparison.

Cod liver oil might be a bit more apt.

Anonymous said...

I like John Darbyshire's "endorsement" of Romney at National Review awhile back, "Oh he'll do I suppose..."

Tennessee Budd said...

hanks, Tam. Now I'll have "Only gay Eskimo" in my head all day. Actually, I love that song, so it's okay.
Went to Waverly, TN, to buy a bike last weekend, & passed a lot where there were a bunch of trashed semis (rolled, crunched, engineless, you name it) & all had the logo "Keel Trucking" on the doors. The .gov bailout check didn't reach you, or what?