Wednesday, October 23, 2013


On last year's little jaunt out to Oregon, among the trinkets with which Leatherman stuffed our pockets was a Led Lenser P3 AFS flashlight. I started carrying mine immediately because I loved the little AAA size combined with the no-kidding 75 lumen output. I especially liked that, thanks to the sliding focus head, those lumens could be diffused to a wide, soft spread or tightened down to an amazingly bright and projecting beam.

After carrying it for month or so, I lost it and promptly ordered another one from Amazon.

This one lasted a bit over a year, but now some Delta Airlines ramp rat at MSP has my second P3 AFS, since it fell out of my pocket unnoticed* while trying to fish my wallet out in the confines of an MD88 chair. Carrying the ProTac 2AA 'til my third** P3 get here on the Big Brown Truck of Happiness.

This ProTac feels like I'm trying to smuggle a tee-ball bat after all that time carrying a little AAA-size light.

*Well, I noticed a clatter, but it couldn't have been from me, right? Because I always move my flashlight to a shirt pocket or the collar of my t-shirt for ease of access while flying! You don't want to be fumbling for a light when you're trying to unass Flight 1549, right?

**And fourth. Because this time I'm ordering two. Because two is one and one is none, right?


staghounds said...

Rather surprised that TSA hasn't seized this good swag, um, deadly weapon.

I still carry my little cheap promo lights, I ordered them with my email on them so if I lose my keys they might come back. I use them as zipper pulls on my luggage, too.

Scott J said...

75 lumens from a AAA size?

I must check that out at a smaller alternative to the Tomahawk.

At $30-ish it would make a good gift for the kids to buy for me (with my money :) ) for Christmas.

Is it a twist on/off deal or does it have a button switch?

Tam said...

Scott J,

Push-button tailcap that works well enough as a momentary that I hardly bother with the clicky.

Mike_C said...

Now that you will have two Lenser P3 flashlights the law of perversity guarantees that you will lose neither.

I wonder if Amazon or the vendor is responsible for proofreading. The P3 listing claims it uses a single AAAA (sic)cell while the Protac apparently includes two "AA" Alkaline Batteries. So are those "AA" cells kind of like real AA's? (Why the quotation marks?) Sheesh.

I am not, repeat, NOT anal retentive.

Tam said...


"Now that you will have two Lenser P3 flashlights the law of perversity guarantees that you will lose neither."

I consider it to be 'sympathetic magic'. ;)

Davidwhitewolf said...

*75* lumens? Blinked a couple times at that number, looked askance at the Streamlight Microstream in my shirt pocket, and hopped on Amazon. Thanks!

mikee said...

I learned something about flashlights with the purchase of my first 2D cell Maglite decades ago.

Tactical operator BLACK is not the right color for a flashlight. Black flashlights are hard to find in the dark and get lost easily.

I've had my bright yellow Surefire G2 for so long that it is now sort of a grungy yellow-gray.

And my pocket LED penlight is metallic silver - harder to leave on a dark upholstered seat.

Only problem is I can't justify replacing them with niftier lumenosity wands since they still work and aren't lost.

Critter said...

just bought the last two at Amazon. :)

Jason said...

And now there is only one left on Amazon! Tam caused a run on those little gems!

BryanP said...

Nice. I consider my little Fenix E05 (not much bigger than the AAA in it, 27 lumens) to be completely adequate for a pocket flashlight, but I may have to grab a Lenser sometime.

Will said...

It appears #880094 is the same light. Not 100% sure, though.

Mike_C said...

sympathetic magic
Sounds SO much better than "law of perversity" doesn't it!

BTW, the irony of my prior comment (complaining about poor proof-reading) being full of typographical errors is not lost on me. Sigh.

Hawken Cougar said...

Same product? With sheath and lanyard. At a lower price!

Tam said...

"Same product?"

Nope. That's a regular P3, which only has a 14 lumen output.

Hawken Cougar said...

I see said the blind man.

Same look but different model:

Will said...

One of the problems there is the dimensions/weights mostly seem to consist of the box it ships in.

Matthew Fulghum said...

if you lose it again, you might check out this one:

I've been pretty pleased with the previous version, and just got the 3rd gen model this week.

Anonymous said...

Those times are for an alkaline battery. How does a lithium AAA do?