Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Wait, wait, wait...

Apparently Congress is in charge of food supplies to orphans, and the Republicans in Congress are saying they won't give any more food to orphans unless they get some babies to eat?

But the Democrats are saying "No, Republicans! While it is important to give food to orphans, we can't let you devour any more infants."

And the Republicans are twirling their mustache back and saying "Ha! Then the orphans will starve unless we get more babies to eat!"

I learn so much from network TV.


Peter O said...

6:58; Out of snark
7:27; Snark refueled and fully deployed.

I see the Today Show was a fruitful hunting ground.

reallyroscoe said...

Babies? Human babies? Sounds like a modest proposal to me.

Anonymous said...

How long did the story go before the word racist was used?

I find this offensive because Republicans eat babies of all races and creeds.


JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

Oh, horrors! Dey turned off da Panda Canmera at de National Zoo!! Bastighes!! (Which, by the by, is sponsored & paid for by Ford) Didn't know those things had to be manned 24/7.....So, my question is, after I worked 27 yrs. For St. of Md. Always in "essential" positions (you know, the peons who actually do some labor)..."If your not "essential", why are you drawing a paycheck?" We need to start asking that question, from the top down. Congress is an ideal place to start, IMO.

Ron said...

The sad thing is, I can see the Today show using that description. Verbatim.

Kristophr said...

Apparently the illegal interstate Obamacare exchanges are also in shutdown, since the pages keep going 404.

Silver lining ...

Kevin said...

No, no, no! Not the Republicans, the "TEA Party wing" of the Republican Party. The GOOD Republicans like McCain and Graham are REASONABLE people, unlike those bomb-throwing anarchist terrorists supported by the TEA Party.

Get your media meme right!

RevolverRob said...

I've had a raging Book of Face debate all morning. Since I noted that when I got up this morning: 1) The Earth was still rotating (noted by the fact the sun had risen). 2) The post office was open. 3) The cops were out writing tickets.

My question was, "Remind me again we why NEED .GOV to have a daily life?" The VOCIFEROUS response I received from colleagues was, "So all of us on NSF Fellowships can get paid and the children don't starve!" Hmm, that seems imminently like a personal problem.

Another countered with, "But you can't buy a gun today, surely that upsets you!" To which I had to counter, "Incorrect, my friend, NICS is open and operating today. See IN MY WORLD you don't lose the ability to exercise your Constitutionally enumerated rights, because Congress decides to close the National Parks." (Nevermind that NICS should not exist anyways).

Fun times today. Personally, I like it. I feel a shred of sympathy for those who aren't getting paid today (since I ain't either). But welcome to the REAL job market suckers, where sometimes you don't know where, when, or how you're getting paid next.


Anonymous said...


I was told on the Book of Face that anyone who thought closing down .gov was OK is a racist, classist (?),homophobe a-hole who had committed treason, should be arrested and shot.

The lack of a trial had me a bit disturbed but I should expect no less.

I will note the postal drone delivered my county tax bill today right on time.


Goober said...

I heard a report this morning that said "all non-essential government employees are being furloughed," and my first thought was "wait, we have non-essential people working for us in the federal government? Did they just admit something there?"

*I know what they meant, but I couldn't help but note the irony of that coupled with the "everything is sacred, and not one single penny can be cut" rhetoric of some of the congresscritters a few months back.

Steve Skubinna said...

Go ahead an laugh, but I've fashioned body armor out of an old truck tire. Now I'm welding spikes on this Smart Car I stole.

So I'm about ready, suckers!

billf said...

I agree with Goober,amoung others,at the irony of a govt layoffs of non-essential workers occrring just months after fierce fighting in Congress about how absoltely essential all the .gov expenditures are.The federal govt is writing it's own punchlines to the joke that it is.
In my little world,the sun came up,the mailman came to my door,the liquor store was open,and I'm going out for lunch.What shutdown?

Cargosquid said...

"See IN MY WORLD you don't lose the ability to exercise your Constitutionally enumerated rights, because Congress decides to close the National Parks." "

In MY world...private sales are perfectly legal and commonplace. I love Virginia.

Tam said...

"n MY world...private sales are perfectly legal and commonplace. I love Virginia."

Uh, private sales are legal in all but a very small handful of states. Pretty sure they're legal where Rob lives; that's beside his larger point.