Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More words! Faster! Now!

I just finished Marko's 60-page short, "Measures of Absolution", which uses Cpl. Jackson as a viewpoint character and picks up her story at the tag end of the "Battle of Detroit".

Good pacing (60 pages was gone before I knew it,) with some very solid action scenes, and it answers some nagging questions about the big firefight in Detroit that were left hanging in the original novel, while opening the door to a whole new storyline in the same universe.

More words, Marko. Faster! Now!


Matthew Walker said...


He's not my favorite author, but he's the only one writing right now who I'll reflexively spend two bucks on without knowing any more than the genre.

I hope that's still true sixty pages from now!

Angus McThag said...

Hey, you found a way to make it Markos even after he explained it was just Marko.

Tam said...

Well, yeah, with an apostrophe.

Fred said...

I have it cued up on my Kindle just waiting for my day off tomorrow.

PA State Cop said...

Bought and read. Now if if he could just kick an advance reader copy loose of his next rag, I'd be thrilled. Jonesing till next January.