Thursday, October 03, 2013

I have no idea what to say to this.

Conservative web organ Human Events offered up the following poll question today:

Okay, first, "Congress" has both an upper and lower house, but since you went so far as to say "district", I'll give you a pass there.

Secondly, if there's a lower bar than "better job than Congress as a whole", it's currently being used at a paramecium limbo contest. My previous representative was Andre Carson who, while a genial enough dude, I wouldn't trust with a burnt-out match without adult supervision. His sole redeeming quality as a government official was that I got to vote against him with savage glee every two years.

Now, thanks to a careful bit of gerrymandering, I am deprived of that simple joy, being represented by Susan Brooks. She's a pro-2A small-government (yay!) SoCon (meh.) who I really do think is "doing a better job than Congress as a whole", but I wouldn't damn her with such faint praise to her face.


global village idiot said...

Didn't see the poll at the link; however, I did get to see the Former Junior Senator from Illinois beclown himself in front of a bunch of union workers over his ignorance of how unions express their opinions of management.

It was epic. Profoundly disappointing, but in an epic way.

He was then whisked away in the Presidential Limo:

I hope I never get to see such epicness in my lifetime. I can't bear it.


staghounds said...

most similar random polls will report majority yes responses. people think the schools and the congress suck, except for the ones they are stuck with.

Chip said...

Considering my recently gerrymandered representative is "walked out on the Benghazi hearing Tammy Duckworth" i'd say she is definitely doing worse than the rest of Congress.

Joe in PNG said...

I'm stuck with Corrine Brown, Gerrymander Queen and leading light of the Congressional Idiot Caucus (Babs Boxer, chair).

Half the time she's running unupposed, so I don't even get to vote against her.

Paul said...

Well as congress critters we have one that might be considered less that worthless. On the upper half we have one that comes down pretty conservative, just not sure about effective.

All in all, I think they all need to be replaced.

KM said...

if there's a lower bar than "better job than Congress as a whole", it's currently being used at a paramecium limbo contest

Weapons grade snark right there. :)
I bow in your general direction.

Ritchie said...

It turns out that most peoples' congressplants, like their kids, are above average. Thanks, Keillor, now be quiet.

WV:Foomuc 38 Of course I want one.

Jess said...

I can't watch my congress critters all day, every day, so I hesitate to say anything about them. They're politicians, who tend to be like snakes.Snakes have a purpose, but have a tendency to cause unintentional problems when they slither into your house.

Robert said...

We got rid of our failed NFL quarterback turned politician and since have been doing slightly better than average, which isn't saying much.

Jim said...

As Staghounds suggested, it is gospel in Campaigning 101 that "Congess" is a thug-laden cesspool by +my+ representative is a shining exeption.

That would be less interesting but for the fact that most scientific polls -- at least as scientific as they get -- report that is what most people believe, leading us straight back to the discussion of democracy as rule by the lowest commmon denominator.

mikee said...

Sheila Jackson Lee.

Representative from the Houston area, leading member of a party of one espousing arrogant ignorance.

There was not a button for "Not just No but Hell No" so I could not choose correctly.

Do I win this contest?

mark said...

I'm in Justin Amash's district, so for the first time in 41 years as a voter, I have a "representative" who actually represents me on most issues.