Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Speaking of self-inflicted gunshot wounds...

No, seriously, stop touching it.

We all complain about venues, be they local gun show or a national convention, that are posted NO CONCEALED WEAPONS, which therefore demand mandatory coonfingering outside the door in the name of safety.

The flip side of that is that if they let you carry your loaded gun inside, you need to be a big boy or girl with it, and that means not whipping your loaded heater out in a crowded room to check and see if your gat fits in that $8.99 nylon sausage sack real good. Leave your piece in the holster and ask to borrow a demo gun, for Browning's sake.

If you don't trust yourself to be able to keep from pulling your loaded gun out, or think you are a special snowflake who is SO SAFE that you would NEVER screw up, please consider not carrying to the NRA Annual Meeting, okay? Yes, CCW will be allowed in that venue here in Indy this April, but that is not your ordinary gun show. A ****-up in there really would be "the shot heard 'round the world."

Make Bloomberg pay for his propaganda, okay? He can afford it. Don't give it to him for free.


Joseph said...

They are going to allow carry in the convention center? I realize it is legal in Indiana, but I thought it was a posted "gun free" zone. If it isn't a posted disarmament zone, then that might make the Gen-Con cosplay interesting.

Tam said...

The convention center is not posted. (I believe it can't be, due to improved preemption.) The organization renting it can post the premises, but it would carry no real legal weight unless they saw the gun and asked you to leave and you didn't.

Eric said...

I love the term "coonfingering". I can just picture the little devils running their dextrous paws over everything in reach.

Scott J said...

"Make Bloomberg pay for his propaganda, okay"

My tinfoil hat is big enough to think that he might just pay someone to have the f up you suggest.

Scout26 said...

That's exactly what I worry about here in Illinois. With at least 23 listed places off-limits to CCW. there's going to be quite a bit of coonfingering and law of large numbers will eventually catch up and there will be accidents, which the Anti's will jump on and wave those bloody shirts with glee !!!

Please be careful out there folks.

Tam said...


Risk/reward doesn't work out to the other side's benefit.

Discovery of the chicanery would be way too likely. Besides, even if they really hope it'll happen, why not wait on the statistics of large samples to deliver the eventual gift?

An infinite number of Cletii with an infinite number of guns means that the event is practically an eventual statistical certainty.

RevolverRob said...

It's incidents like these that made me stop going to gunshows. That and getting muzzled constantly by guys and having them yell, "It's unloaded!" I gave up. They couldn't stop touching them, be it in the holster, or whatever, they simply couldn't.

When I quit slinging guns across glass, I quit going to gunshops too. Now there are two or three gunshops I will occasionally visit, but those are the kind of high end shops Cletii can't afford to visit, and if you unholstered your piece inside one of them, you'd have half a dozen pointed back at you.


The Raving Prophet said...

As Pogo so eloquently observed, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Fact is, there's a number of people on "our side" who can become our own worst enemies when trying to get something done. They aren't always the Quisling sort trying to trade away rights, they can often be those of good old orthodox beliefs who can't bring themselves to understand good practices of any sort.

This doesn't only go for the firearm debate, it goes for everything. For every foot you gain with reasoned debate and good example, there's some other idiot trying to give back six inches by being a moron.

Robert Fowler said...

I holster my sidearm once a day. Then I leave it alone until I unholster it at the end of the day. I've never found a good reason to take it out in public. I don't need to check to see if the 1911 I'm looking at will fit the holster that has a 1911 in it.

Scott J said...

"Risk/reward doesn't work out to the other side's benefit"

I dunno. Wasn't there a case a few years back of a ND at a gun show and the Cletus in question turned out to be in the employ of some anti-gunner attempting to make a buy that demonstrated the so called gun show loophole?

The name Shelia Jackson-Lee comes to mind in association but unfortunately at 45 my memory is really becoming a mess. I think maybe my long term storage needs a defrag.

I know in that case they weren't hired to ND but they were hired to try and push a narrative.

These folks (antis in general I mean) allowed straw sales to cross the Mexican border and get folks killed to serve the narrative as you allude to in your post prior to this one yet have paid no price I can see.

Thing is I don't know what the solution to prevent it would be. Banning carry at the convention isn't the answer of course but I'm not sure what would be.

Anonymous said...

I believe everyone behaved in Lulvul when the NRA meeting where there and open carry was allowed.

I word to the wise is always helpful.


staghounds said...


BryanP said...

Fact is, there's a number of people on "our side" who can become our own worst enemies when trying to get something done.

I'm ashamed to admit I live within metaphorical spitting distance of Leonard effing Embody. Not that I'd waste spit on him, real or metaphorical.

The Jack said...

And if you absolutely must test your $8.99 nylon sausage sack... you can bring it with you... sans gun.

Conversely if you must test *your* blastotron you can always bring it cased in box. And have the clerk deal with it.

Of course ask the poor clerk before you do anything.

Windy Wilson said...

Indeed, make Bloomberg and his evil cohort of anti-Americans pay for their propaganda. I like (for him) the rate of return he's getting so far.
An expert witness in another field once said, Don't bring the bullets when your opponent has an empty gun."

KM said...

Doesn't using the term "Cletii" follow the same mindset that the linked PT article warned to avoid?
It can't happen to us because we aren't "Cletii"?

Tam said...


"It can't happen to us because we aren't "Cletii"? "

If we're coonfingering loaded guns in a crowded room to check if they fit in a holster or not, I'd suspect we are. :)

Scott J said...

"If we're coonfingering loaded guns in a crowded room to check if they fit in a holster or not, I'd suspect we are. :)"

I sure felt like one trying to get my sausage sacked 1911 into my waistband at a stop sign yesterday evening.

I had just left the office and was CCWing up to run an errand on the way home.

Anonymous said...

"Stop touching it."


That AIN'T gonna happen.

It's about the only sex I get.

No, seriously!