Sunday, January 12, 2014

What did he know and when did he know it?

We must get to the bottom of this, and right now, and if the answer is bad, we had better begin impeachment proceedings!

What? No, I'm not talking about the thing with the guns and the deliberate arming of criminal gangs in a neighboring sovereign nation, getting friendly foreign nationals and American LEOs killed in a cheap and callous bid to boost the budget of a federal regulatory agency.

I'm talking about the important issue! The one where that guy may have known about the lane closures on The Bridge To The Navel Of The Universe.

Do you know how many Real People that may have inconvenienced? This is crucial! This isn't like dead Mexicans and Border Patrolmen! This is New Yorkers with slowed commutes!


"Bridgeghazi" is the headline story on Meet The Press. Extra Double Tone Deaf Pauline Kael Irony Points for the people in the media calling it "Bridgeghazi" who don't even acknowledge Benghazi as an actual, you know, scandal.

This is the closest I've yet come to actually bleeding from my eyeballs while watching Meet The Press.

What is with the media turning on their darling, here, anyway? I thought Christie was the RINO they'd picked to take a fall in the ninth against Hillary? Were they suddenly worried he might win or something?


Anonymous said...

Besides which, somewhere in Illinois Rahm Emanuel is thinking "Crap! Why didn't I think of that?


Joseph said...

I keep thinking that watching such shows for you would be much like the filipino ritualistic flagellation on Good Friday.

I think I'd rather have the flail, it looks more enjoyable.

Chris said...

As clueless as the media can be, they do seem to understand that the majority of people that still pay attention to them are either in agreement with their viewpoint or are sufficiently uninformed to have no rational basis for disagreement.

Alan J. said...

No more Obamacare stories until we get to the bottom of this.

We must close the mineshaft gap!

Windy Wilson said...

The war hero from Arizona was also the media darling RINO, too, until it came time to actually support their real candidate. And selected to take the fall in the ninth is a good metaphor for how the media kingmakers bless the various candidates.

Reno Sepulveda said...

You know the greatest thing about being a newly registered Libertarian? I don't have to cringe whenever John McCain or that ass clown Reince Priebus show up on my TV.

mariner said...

You're a lot tougher than I.

I haven't been able to watch any of the Sunday political shows for years^^^^^decades now.

Anonymous said...

What is really impressive (in a horrific way) is how the media is managing to make something out of lane closures. There are Always lane closures, this is 'dog bites man' territory. Not only are they ignoring real scandals, they are creating the idea of a scandal out of an everyday event.

Anonymous said...

Christie promised if you liked your lane, you could keep your lane.

Besides Mexico is so so far away from NYC.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say thank you for keeping me from testing the integrity of my bypass every Sunday morning. And, stopping me from proof-testing my cerebral arteries. Keep the beta blockers handy!

Sebastian said...

Chris wrote: As clueless as the media can be, they do seem to understand that the majority of people that still pay attention to them are either in agreement with their viewpoint or are sufficiently uninformed to have no rational basis for disagreement.

The problem is that the people I bolded are still voting and swinging elections. Politics is going to be insufferable until one side can consistently win without needing the "get out the dopes" vote on election day.

Sebastian said...

The media's primary remaining power is the ability to swing low-information voters. I think that's something a lot of blogging types hadn't considered when it looked like this whole newfangled media thing was going to destroy old media.

LIVs aren't going to read blogs. They can't be bothered. So they are going to absorb their political information rather passively, through the morning shows, cable news, etc. These are the people who will agree that Obama seems like a nice guy, with all the best of intentions, and that Christie guy looks shady, closing those bridges and all.

As for why the media decided to pile all over Christie now, my guess is they now think it'll be easier to beat a wing nut tea partier than Christie. Christie might be a RINO, but he has real political talent, and political talent is capable of swinging LIVs. The last thing the media, or the Democrats need, is someone who can make people like him despite attempts at demonization.

Plus, pretty much everyone else, Rubio, Cruz, et al have in some way or another indicated they may not be the world's best candidates. Rubio is another compassionate conservative, and Cruz doesn't know when not to pick a fight.

Of course, if they think Rand Paul will be easy to beat, I wouldn't put money on it. No one remotely like him has been on a national ticket before, and he doesn't come off as having his dad's crazy. I consider him an unknown quantity. He could either win or lose spectacularly.

Jess said...

He's too tarnished in the same way their champion is tarnished: Inept staffers orchestrated events that led to bad things happening and the first reaction is to try and hide involvement.

If it came right down to a race between Christie and Hillary, his errors are not nearly as terrible and to muddy the waters, they have to muddy their own.

They now need him out of the picture as soon as possible. The longer this goes on, the more their candidate is under scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul

I've said before elsewhere and I'll repeat it here:

I would damn near walk barefoot on a road of broken glass to the polls to vote for Rand Paul. And I'm sure I am not the only one. So we can count on the Republicans to sabotage his candidacy before it's all over.

Anonymous said...

A desperate attempt to change the subject from Hillary and everything Obama or Democrats have screwed up.
Problem is that they pulled the trigger too soon.
Nobody but the media and maybe those who were caught in the traffic jam actually give a rip about this "scandal."
Interest ought to die out in a couple of weeks.

Ken said...

If the intention was to torpedo the Krispykreme candidacy, those responsible ought to have waited until he was actually the nominee.

Joseph said...

Nitpick: The Navel of the Universe (the financial district) is at the other end of Manhattan Island.

Steve Skubinna said...

Ken, it's easier to torpedo him before. And Tailwind is probably onto something, in that the timing is terrific right now.

However, given this administration's track record, they're not suddenly going to enter a smooth patch where they need no distractions.

Goober said...

I said the same thing last week over at my place.

Talk about your false scandals. I mean, jeez, it isn't like he smuggled weapons into mexico or abandoned embassy personnel to die for political reasons.

New Yorkers have a way over-inflated sense of their own importance.

But, the point I made in my post wasn't that so much as it was to reiterate my shock and dismay that the American people are so, well, shocked and dismayed when a politician does stuff like this.

As if they don't do stuff like this all the time. All of them. Both sides of the aisle. Why else would one seek political power?

It's like they actually think that politicians are in this for altruistic reasons, and are just shocked when it is revealed that their motivation for seeking power was for selfish reasons. How dim would one have to be to think such a thing?

Steve D said...

'Were they suddenly worried he might win or something?'

Nah, a snake will always be a snake.They just can't help themselves.