Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mentally disabled commenter of the day.

Meet "Becky S."!
So you claim to be pro-second amendment, but then you bash people for being pro-second amendment? What's your stance, exactly - that we should all carry but on Facebook we should pretend like we don't? That we should all be ashamed of the fact that we'd die to protect our families? I don't think you really get to claim to be pro-gun if you're so obviously anti-gun. 
Although Becky obviously knows what the windows on the short bus taste like, she's apparently been allowed outside to play without her Special Helmet!

Yes, Becky, you have unmasked me. I am really anti-gun. I am totally against people letting anyone know they own guns on their Facebook page, especially.

Where do these lackwits come from, and how can we get them to go back there?

UPDATE: Someone apparently commanded the monkeys to fly!

"Juliet" says "Perhaps you are repulsed because you would rather see women as victims."

Curses! They're on to my plan! Someone else is patiently and politely explaining to me that it's okay to have pictures of guns and Second Amendment stuff on Facebook. I totally did not know that.



Farm.Dad said...

Reaches for the popcorn......

Bubblehead Les. said...

Just remember what the Master wrote: "Never underestimate the power of Human Stupidity."

Then go relax with a nice cuppa of Tea.

Some Causes are Lost for a reason, dontcha know.

And she sounds like one of them.

Scott J said...

As some others on the thread excellently suggested yesterday did you point her to Oleg's work?

Or did you pass seeing it as a pearls before swine thing?

Anonymous said...

I believe logicians call that "contradiction in terms".

Dear Becky: the fact that you carry or don't carry is not only none of the government's business; it is also none of anyone else's business.


Ted N said...

Who knew there was no difference between "probly shouldn't terrorist dumb pics in bookface" and "turn them all in, America" ?

Crazy. Thank goodness we've got detective becky looking out for us.

Keith said...

From the comments it looks like someone may have linked to your article. Stand by to repeal boarders.

Keads said...

What Farm.Dad said! Thanks Tam. This is cheaper than cable and way more entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I had read reading comprehension scores had declined. I can see that there is a lot of truth to that story now.


Marc Pisco said...

The good news is that the gun culture has drawn in enough women that we're starting to fill in the low end of the bell curve there, just like we've always had with men gunnies.

Rejoice! And find somebody who knows what the feminine plural of "Cletus" ought to be. Yr gonna need that.

aczarnowski said...


Don't throw them our way.

As part of the helmeted, short bus community via family and friends I'm sure Becky and Juliet wouldn't last long there either.

Tam said...

"And find somebody who knows what the feminine plural of "Cletus" ought to be."


Marc Pisco said...

My girlfriend dusted off her classics BA and suggests singular Cleta, pl. Cletae. HTH!

'scuse me, gotta go change into my loincloth for my passport photo with my chrome plated AK47. no h8rs lol!

Marc Pisco said...

You're right, "Lurleens" is better.

Divemedic said...

To your commenter:

"How far would civil rights have gotten in this nation, if Facebook had been around, and there had been people posting "Give us equal rights so we can sex us up some white women"?

There are people on your side that, if allowed to become the face of your movement, are not doing you any favors.

jefferson101 said...

Well, I'll be! I've been reading this blog for several years now, and I never suspected there was a Brady Campaign member running it.


Just an aside, but I too get a small frission of discomfort at some of the more agressive pictures and comments and such. I think that it's somewhat the same reaction that one gets to the whole "Carrying guns at people" thing.

Like a lot of things, it's mostly because offending people just because you can is becoming the National Sport in a lot of circles. It's not just for radical feminists or the "in your face" gays any more.

Sebastian said...

Marc Pisco: That's what I was thinking. I don't know whether to cheer or weep.

Robb Allen said...

I, for some odd reason, got all up on my soapbox today at work (movie shooting discussion).

I told someone that the hardest part of being a board member for a state level 2A group isn't the anti's, it's dealing with 'those ostensibly on my side'.

Ancient Woodsman said...

A wonderful old southern gentlemen with whom I was once acquainted had a nice saying that explains a lot of this stuff: "The general public is no where near as smart as the average person."

Given what I've since learned about group think, mob behavior, and similar phenomena, more and more I believe that he was quite correct.

Anonymous said...

"how can we get them to go back there?"

I've heard that paste is a good lure.


Robin said...

I think I cracked another rib. That's probably the third rib damage you've been responsible for in the last month.

Joe in PNG said...

I've come to despise the "you don't agree with my beliefs 100% so I guess you support the other side then" arguement.

mikee said...

What a funny old world it would be, were we all alike.

And how much less we would laugh at others.

ILTim said...

I really like motorcycles.

Squids (look it up) really like motorcycles.

I dislike squids, because they cause regulatory interference with motorcycling.

Your issue with the facebook situation is that those people are being squids.

Tam said...


"I really like motorcycles.

Squids (look it up) really like motorcycles.

I dislike squids, because they cause regulatory interference with motorcycling.

Indeed. :)

Stuart the Viking said...


Having seen the infamous bikini pic, I bet you could do a far better one of these facebook poster pic things and show them how it's properly done....

(ducks and runs for cover... not just concealment... really COVER)


Tam said...

Stuart the Viking,

The attire is not the point.

Anonymous said...

Because if you're really pro-gun, that means you have to be pro-any-kind-of-behavior-whatsoever-involving-guns-or-ammo.

If you think swallowing a case of 200gr .45 LRN bullets is inadvisable, you are an enthusiastic Brady Campaign supporter. If you think that beating yourself over the head with an M-1 Garand is idiotic and potentially harmful, you are, by definition, Charles Schumer and Dianne Fienstein rolled into one.

This sort of "mind"-set is pretty much endemic to all of our politics these days.

Carmel IN

Angus McThag said...

This is why you never go full retard hammer!

They come out of the woodwork to have the diagnosis confirmed by a hammered professional.

After you're done with this, you could be a pro arm wrestler from swinging the hammer to build muscles.

Tam said...

One of my favorite people in my day-to-day life is one of the baggers at a local grocery store. Hr reminds me of Mr. Hooper on Sesame Street from when I was little.

For whatever reason, he doesn't have any multi-tasking ability at all. You can walk by him and wave, and he just doesn't process the fact that you're there.

But when he's taking your groceries out? You have his absolute undivided attention. Most folks have never had anybody's absolute undivided attention. It's awesome.

I'd like to hang out with him some, but I hate being forward, so I just treasure those little intervals of interaction I do get.

Professor James Moriarty said...

I, for one, love it when the Window Lickers come out to play.

It's even better when they pick a fight with Tam. I'm with Farm.Dad and I'll take an extra squeeze of phoney movie theater butter with my popcorn.

Say, if I wanted to wave a flag, what are your colors, Tam? Crimson and Gold like Gryffindor?

Kristophr said...

So, are you going to make a Forsaken warrior named "Lurleen"?

Dumb and dead as a doornail.

Sigivald said...

It's not their fault you're obviously anti-gun, Tam.

NotClauswitz said...

Facebook, it's what replaced AOL. Go there at your peril.

NotClauswitz said...

It's not Cletitia? Facebook is what replaced AOL, and that under-the-bell-curve population shift was rapid. The fact that they haven't all signed-up for Obamacare already should be a red flag to the Gov.

Tam said...


We've only had Comment Moderation turned on for a couple months, so I understand it can take a little while to get the hang of not double- and triple-tapping your "Dumb Person" jokes into the ether waiting for them to get approved.

Complaints can be sent to my AOL email address. ;)

Steve Skubinna said...

Too bad. I used to enjoy reading this blog, but since Tam's been outed not only must I stop reading but I must now retroactively dislike, hate even, all the times I was here before.

Well, the scales have fallen from my eyes, Ms. Tam Brady-Shumer-Feinstein. Enjoy that sweet Bloomberg money.

BGMiller said...

Prof. Moriarty,

I suspect Tam's banner would be in the blue and white commonly tied to S&W.


Borepatch said...

Ees Internet. Ees not safe from lackwits.

Sigh. We have constructed the most supple instrument of learning ever seen in these crystalline spheres and nobody can be bothered to read through archives. Diogenes was right.

Greg Tag said...

Dear Tam and friends:

reading the comments tonight have made me grin for the first time in a long, flu - addled day.

I had no idea Tamara was the Tokyo Rose of the Brady bunch.


Jeffro said...

Ahhh, they don't know you very well, do they?!? This means WAR! /Bugs Bunny voice off

Brad K. said...

The Armed Mommy and kin pics are not about the Second Amendment. They might, possibly, have something to do with self defense. Maybe.

But they are provocative. They are hostile. And they are the worst kind of snake-oil-salesman type hype. Fit for a trailer for a skin flick, maybe (I wouldn't be interested), the pics won't accomplish anything positive in the lives of responsible gun owners, nor in those in danger or at risk, including those serving under tyrants, that would benefit from increased gun ownership.

Tam, your personal form of gun pron centers around nifty objects, their uses and histories, and their features.

Apparently, gun pron like Armed Mommy, and that ilk, is out there, too. Heck, I saw previews of that kind of thing in "Head Office", with Danny Devito and Judge Reinhold, in the runway scene (armed beefcake brandishing weapons for sale).

Mike in KY said...

I hear that Twatwaffle Island is nice this time of year. Send us a postcard?

Tam said...

ONe would need to be banned from the "Armed Mommy" Facebook page to go there.

In order to be banned from the "Armed Mommy" Facebook page, one would need to actually post, or at least attempt to post, there.

Sadly, I do not qualify for this major award.

(Double-extra sad, actually, since it was partly my use of the word "twatwaffle" in a post that instigated the current language policy at

Ted N said...

Dunno how the magic elf box changed "post" to "terrorist" but it did. Dang fat fingers, or something.

Thornharp said...

Why not compromise: LuCletia
LuCletia BoresYa.

Kristophr said...

Oh poor AOL.

I got started on AOL back when I was macnewb with a 128k thin Mac ...

I 'spose its rep will never recover from USENET's Eternal September.

Nope, I'm sorry, you cannot get that denizen from alt.tasteless banned from AOL for those cat recipes ( although crossposting them to rec.pets.cats did get a a bunch of them the usenet death penalty ).

Steve Skubinna said...

When I was a kid my Mom would sometimes make creamed tuna and serve it over waffles for dinner.

God, am I glad I hadn't heard the word "twatwaffle" then or I might have gotten myself in big trouble. As in "Go to your room and wait until your father comes home. From Vietnam."

shrimp said...

I so wanted to be the one who posted a facetious comment about Tam secretly being anti-gun, and that was why she was "vaguely squicked" at the whole thing.

I thought, no, that's not really all that funny or imaginative, and besides someone would accuse me of being a dolt and hurt my internet feelings and all that.

And then real life happened...

Unknown said...


I like your belt-fed full-auto Snark gun. Well played.