Monday, January 13, 2014


High of 48 predicted today. Scribbling on the back of an envelope tells me that that's a difference of 63 degrees from last Monday, but only ten degrees warmer than Sunday the 5th. That's okay, though, because it'll be back in the teens tomorrow night.

This usually signals an enemy counteroffensive in the never-ending war on potholes. There was apparently one over by 86th and Ditch that accumulated a little "Boot Hill" of over a dozen hubcaps set upright in the plow drift along the shoulder; a sight far too photogenic to be missed by the local news.

The weather here is obviously on the side of entropy.


SJ said...

war on potholes.


The Dept of Transportation (and County Road Commission) around my hometown don't have "report-a-pothole"

At least, not that I know of.

Firehand said...

Right now the weather in OK is doing that "I'll make people all complacent, and then WHACK!" thing. Few days of unbelievably nice conditions so far, after all the freezing. Any time now they'll announce the cold front they didn't see till now.

Will Brown said...

If it wasn't such a complete non-sequitur, I'd be tempted to call weather "entropy-in-action".

Karl said...

Met a friend for lunch at Broad Ripple today. The drive from/to Cincinnati (74) was all new potholes.

We just have old potholes in Ohio.

Old NFO said...

They were trying that Saturday in DC, of course it was raining, so none of the filler 'took'... But some folks got OT...

Will said...

On an extended vacation in Ft Lauderdale, FL, about '75, there was a very nice pothole a few blocks from us. The hubcap haul from that fed us for some time.
Took less than two weeks, but it delivered 4 matching wire wheel h-caps that brought a premium at the used shop. I think that car owner was a slow learner, as they all had to come from one side of the car.
Picked up close to a dozen hubcaps every day, IIRC. They would roll off into a grass lined ditch that couldn't be seen from a car drivers perspective. No scuffs or other damage from landing there.
There was no place at that location to put them on display. I don't think there was even a big enough shoulder for a car to stop on.

joated said...

"The weather here is obviously on the side of entropy."

LOL! Perfect!

lelnet said...

Lost two tires to a fresh pothole this Saturday. By the time the tow truck arrived (hey, I only carry one spare at a time, OK...a double-blowout will put just about anybody in need of a tow) there were at least a dozen vehicles on the shoulder with similar situations, and the police had finally put up a warning sign.

I told the tire shop guys they ought to write to the road commission and thank them for all the extra business.