Friday, January 17, 2014

Weather changes

The "dusting" of snow with "no accumulation" we were supposed to get turned into an inch or two that stuck just fine to unsalted roads when it hit right after morning, catching the DPW off guard.

I noticed an interesting phenomenon when driving to the bank in that people will habitually drife slowly and carefully on side streets, but then when they get to a thoroughfare like Keystone, they just step up to a normal pace by reflex. Uh, no, even wide roads are slippery when the plows and salt trucks haven't got there yet, sport.

The number of cars sitting slightly cattywampus with somewhat varying distances between the cars fore-and-aft at the red light at Kessler indicated a few might have tuck-and-roll upholstery in the driver's seat that they didn't have five minutes ago.

College Ave. was slightly better when I got there on foot to grab a burger from Twenty Tap, and the plows and salt trucks came by while I was eating.

The biggest indicator of how wrong the weatherman's prediction was could be seen in the Fresh Market parking lot. I don't think I've seen snow on their sidewalks and asphalt since they opened, but they had a couple kids out there furiously shoveling and salting, and the plow and salt trucks showed up as I was walking home.

Last Thursday, a few days after the big snow.

Monday, after the weekend's thaw.
Yesterday, and Ma Nature delivers a Thursday touch-up with more in the offing.


Rob K said...

Yesterday, driving in to work, everything was just fine until I got to Lafayette. Once there, I drove past a rear-ender in every intersection I drove through. There were two at Sagamore & Duncan RD. Did these people forget how to drive in snow in less than a week?

Ancient Woodsman said...

It always rubs me the wrong way when I have to shovel 6 inches of 'partly cloudy' from the drive & decks.

Loved the 'cattywampus'...having heard the same in the phrase "things get cattywampus when stuff goes all gunnysack" more than a few times west of the big river where folks call a stream a 'crick'. If I talk like that around these parts (as sometimes occurs) I just get funny looks...the same funny looks I get out west when my Granite state shows through the missing 'r's.

Them's often the same folks that for some strange reason call a tonic a 'pop' or a 'soda'.

global village idiot said...

I just think Tam's moonlighting. She's taken the assignment of "A Year in the Life of Fresh Market."


Gerry N. said...

Pictures like those are why I fall to my knees to thank ________ (Deity of choice) for allowing me to live on the East side of the Puget Sound Basin where snow falls less than two weeks out of a normal year. So far this year: 0". Yay!

If for some reason such as cranial synaptical failure I desire snow it is available in quantity less than an hour's drive East. And that's where I like it.

Gerry N.

Old NFO said...

Just be careful... But we know you are! :-)

Brigid said...

I called the office and they said "how'd you weather the snow?" and I was like "what snow". Up north, along the lake, there was nothing, just bitter cold in the teens.