Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Stop trying to chase the facts off our side.

I like being on Team Right* as long as I don't have to cross-enroll on Team Stupid, so I cringe when folks ostensibly on my side grab some obviously badly 'shopped straw man infographic bogusly attributed to MomsDemand or whoever and spread it about the TweetBooks as though it were legit.

And when you call them on it, they reply with, "Well, it seems like something they'd say!"

No, Ace. No it does not. Congratulations, you just failed the Ideological Turing Test. And besides, as Miguel put it:
"And please, stop making excuses as why you decided to be intellectually lazy and rather than make sure the meme is unadulterated BS, decided it would be more fun just to pass it along. The “it articulates their position accurately” or any half-bit sophomoric/pseudo Jesuitical argument: Lies are lies dear Bubba and using the “Mommy, but Timmy does it too.” is not a proper response for an adult defending an obvious lie."
Look, pretend you would actually know bad graphic design if it bit you on the ass and ask yourself : "Would the side that has a virtually unlimited ad budget and a statistical majority of the artsy-fartsy types on its team turn out something that looks like it was done in MS Paint during the commercial breaks of a WWF match?" Did you know that there's no entry for "credulous" in the dictionary?

*...and I'm using "right" as the synonym for "correct" here, as opposed to the current political use which is as a synonym for "lies awake at night obsessing about gay marriage".