Sunday, December 14, 2014

That man starches and presses his blue jeans...

...assuming, of course, that he owns any.

The man to whom I refer is David Goldman, who affects the curmudgeon at P.J. Media under the nom de plume "Spengler". I don't get it, Glenn; you want to show the hip and savvy face of the Libertarianesque Right and then you've got this guy on the masthead who's about as unhip as an intertrochanteric fracture.

I get not liking Star Wars. I mean, other than the first two movies I'm not much of a fan myself. On the other hand, spinning rambling essays where you try and graft some sort of philosophical meat around the naked armature of "Get Off My Lawn You Damn Kids!" is just silly, especially when you're so not right on the topic in question that you're not even wrong. "I don't like it, no sir," is an acceptable answer; you don't need to come up with some sort of psychosociological cow exhaust to justify your tastes.

The icing on the cake, though, is when you try and deflect the legions of howling fanbois whose sudden presence in your comments section seems to have baffled you by telling them to shun Star Wars because it's full of "pagan" mumbo jumbo that is influenced by the Siegfried legend and instead read Tolkein's Narn i Chîn Húrin, which is a straight-up Nibelungenlied pastiche. Golf clap, dude.

On the bright side of things, way to generate the clicks, though, P.J. Media! Because the fanbois must have been swarming into the trench of Spengler's comments section like X-wings answering the horns of Gondor, to mix my metaphors appropriately. (Unlike Mr. Goldman, I actually do speak a bit of Nerd.)