Tuesday, December 30, 2014

There's no getting away from the wookie suit.

With cars or motorcycles the government is all up in your grille with regulations: Safety regulations, emissions regulations, getting all bent out of shape if you try to do a buck-ten down residential side streets... Motor vehicles are not a hobby for the regulatory-averse.

Firearms? If the do-this/don't-do-that climate around motor vehicles makes you itchy, gun laws will make you break out in hives. Even the federal government agency in charge of enforcing firearms regulations can't make up its mind about the laws half the time.

Collecting old cameras, though; that should be safe, right? I mean, how can the government possibly dick up old cameras?

Like this, that's how.

Oh, government! Is there any parade on which you won't rain?

I'm afraid to take up new hobbies at this point because no doubt there are hidden crimes or ridiculous regulatory hurdles buried in everything from knitting to flower arranging.

This is how wookie-suiters get made.