Sunday, December 21, 2014

Because I hate using good material at an away game...

I know I have used this space to blame the media for essentially fomenting civil unrest with its eagerness to get a microphone in front of the squeakiest wheel as fast as possible anytime something like the Brown/Wilson event goes down.

But, while I'd have no problem holding the media liable in some metaphorical sense, is it actually culpable? Is it a conspiracy?

I wrote elsewhere this morning:
"The news media" wants to do one thing: Sell commercials. They sell commercials by delivering eyeballs. They deliver eyeballs by delivering the most titillating news as dramatically as possible, with the catchiest music and the most eye-catching graphics and prettiest/most handsome talking heads...

And we sit here on a forum posting and clicking on the links to NY Daily News, Baltimore Sun, CNN, and more, shaking our heads and clucking our tongues like this is being done by some media "Them" to "Those Other People".
What's the fix? That's a damn good question.