Monday, December 29, 2014


Stayed up 'til 0300 to help see Roomie off to that weird shift she has to work in the starship's engine rooms every few weeks, then immediately to bed, to be awakened at 0600 by a very large and insistent tomcat who knows what time it is.

Feed the cats, and then doze fitfully to the dulcet tones of the morning news, and then get awakened shortly after 0900 by my cell phone ringing in the other room, letting me know the plumber was going to be by at about 1000.

I can do okay on six hours of sleep as long as it's at one solid whack, but I don't cogitate worth a darn on two disjointed naps. I've managed to do some pretty rote web chores for work this morning, but I'm not up to writing any sonnets, know what I mean?