Thursday, December 04, 2014

Remember, it's not __________ when we do it!

Spend any time on the left half of the internet, and you will soon learn that all evil in the world is caused by corporatedollars, and corporatedollars come from this hideous binary entity called "Koch Brothers" which is like a cross between Emperor Palpatine and the pale dudes with the dreadlocks from the hypothetical Matrix sequel.

What the Koch Brothers does is drop money all over the place, in jurisdictions where it doesn't even live, and thwart honest progressive causes by using that money to support Neocon Teabagger causes like fighting minimum wage laws, supporting lower taxes, promoting gay marriage, and approving dope legalization.

All the above makes it extra funny to see the way Progressives are practically decorating their cupcakes over the effect of outside money on the I-594 outcome in Washington. Apparently Oppressor Cishet White Male Billionaires acting like they're entitled to squirt their corporatedollars wherever they want is only bad if they're in the wrong political party. Your guys buy votes; our guys engage in philanthropy.