Thursday, December 11, 2014

I literally can't even.

"Court documents say both men were at a party when Saye suggested trying Russian roulette after a game of beer pong. Authorities said Saye put a handgun, loaded with five rounds, to White’s head and pulled the trigger, killing him. Court documents say other party-goers warned Saye that a semi-automatic pistol would not work for the game."
You have got to be $#!++ing me. Nobody can be that dumb and not starve from forgetting which end of the spoon goes in their mouth. That's not even bright enough to make it as a sessile filter-feeder; when you're that dim, you could get outwitted by plankton. That's barely smart enough to sneak up on grass.

Further, how did they not have a Taurus Judge available? I mean, they're obviously sitting on the bullseye of that target demographic.