Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ain't that always how it happens?

So I was looking for a reference photo of my Logitech washable keyboard for a FB conversation and I find that Logitech has discontinued the thing.

I swear, from tennis shoes to soda flavors to TV dinners, it gets to feeling as though me liking something is a surefire way to get it pulled from the market.

There are some used and NOS ones from third-party vendors at Amazon, but they're fetching scalper's tariffs compared to the original rather modest sticker price.

It comes with a little brush clipped to the bottom! There's a little bootie dummy-corded to the end of the USB cable to cover the connector while you scrub it in the sink! It's just handier than a pocket on a shirt...

ETA: This is apparently called Herblock's Law.