Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Get a grip, honey.

So, this senior Korean Air exec, name of Cho Hyun-ah, is aboard an A380 at JFK, and they're taxiing merrily along when she starts wondering angrily why she has not been offered a preflight snack. In response to her agitated queries, one of the first class cabin flight attendants then has the temerity to serve her macadamia nuts in a bag and not on a dish.

Ms. Senior Executive then apparently completely Loses. Her. Fecal Matter. and demands the plane turn around and taxi back to the gate to deposit the now-former flight attendant someplace where her presence would not offend Cho before resuming the 14-hour JFK-ICN slog.

Everybody knows that improperly-served macadamia nuts are a horrible inconvenience to long-suffering first class travellers, a far worse one than dragging a couple hundred fellow passengers with you as you taxi all over hell and gone of JFK's back 40 like the Flying Dutchman to make the aircrew carry out your petty whims.

You know, the NYC-Seoul run has to be flown by some of the most senior guys in the airline. In a perfect world, the pilot would have been a crusty old guy on his last round trip before retirement and he would have taxied back to the gate and put Cho ashore instead of the poor stew. That would have been money.