Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!

Gotta love the reactions of the MSNBC morning crew. Because they live in Tolerance Acres down at the corner of Acceptance Avenue and Broadminded Boulevard...

Thank you Willie Geist for confirming that whatever the peacock is paying you to work around those people, it ain't enough. Hopefully they won't eat all of what's left of your soul; you strike me as a fundamentally decent person.

The disturbing thing about this is the way half everyone on the internet is acting like it was just a schoolyard prank gone bad. "Oh, a bit of chlorine in the stairwell... Boys will be boys!" Let's not forget that plain ol' straight-up chlorine gas is the original higher form of killing* and it put paid to a mess of Tommies and Poilus at Ypres back in the '14-'18 War. Just 'cause nobody came stumbling and flound'ring out of that hotel looking like an extra in a Wilfred Owen poem doesn't mean that that wasn't a potential outcome.

*"At BASF, we didn't invent poison gas; we made it deadlier!"