Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Point Counterpoint

Lights and lasers? I'm a fan.
Kevin at Misfires And Light Strikes had a counterpoint to the harshing that I and others were doing on the Taurus Curve. I think he's got some valid points; I mean, I'm a big fan of having a laser and light on my carry gun and have been using both for years now. I look forward to a time when more guns are designed to implement them right out of the box and I really believe that to be a trend of the future.

However, especially with a pocket-size .380 like the Curve, a handgun is essentially a reactive weapon, frequently only drawn after the user has realized that things have gone wrong. In order to be useful in a situation like that, any doohickeys on the pistol need to be activated merely by grabbing the gun; a button out on the frame in front of the trigger guard might as well be in a lockbox in some village in Azerbaijan for all the odds that you'll remember to hit it between the first and second syllables of "OH$#!+"