Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A quarter of the way done.

Yesterday morning featured another trip to Marion County Fish & Game with the BG380 and a hundred rounds of the 95gr Fiocchi FMJ from Lucky Gunner. Lased the target at most of ten yards. I think these were once seven yard berms, but over time have wandered back.

The hundred rounds went by uneventfully, with no malfunctions of any type to report.

That's 500 rounds in the books with no cleaning or lubrication. There have been two light strikes on primers (#140, #357), but otherwise the pistol has gone through the complete cycle of operation with each pull of the trigger. 1500 rounds to go.

The Fiocchi appears to shoot much closer to point-of-aim at ten yards. Either that, or I've become a dramatically better shot with the gun overnight.

Got some Dirty Bird targets in, and with tomorrow supposed to be cooler and much less humid, I think I'll do some chrono work in the bays with a few various JHP loadings and then bench it for groups and see if there's the disparity in accuracy I've seen with different types of FMJ.