Friday, August 07, 2015

If you'll be my bodyguard, I can be your long-lost pal

Thanks to the generous folks that hit the tip jar, as well as what looks like some possible help from some ammo companies, the next gun tests are a go. (And I used the plural because I have two that are pretty much underway, with more lined up in the future.)

For starters, I've wanted to see how one of the little plastic "credit-card-with-a-trigger" pocket .380s holds up for quite some time now. This Smith & Wesson BG380 is my wintertime coat pocket gun and has been for a couple years now, but it only has a couple hundred rounds through it. A few boxes of ball and some JHP to check for feeding issues and that's been pretty much it.

Ever since the Kel-Tec P-32, a lot of internet myth and speculation has swirled around regarding the life expectancy of this class of pistol. It doesn't help that they verge on unpleasant to fire, with snappy recoil and (typically) long and heavy trigger pulls.

I took my personal BG380, gave it a quick cleaning, and lubed all the prescribed contact points with Slip 2000 EWL .

According to my handy (read: "As cheap as they had at Home Despot") laser rangefinder, the targets were most of ten yards away. I loaded up my mags with the Aguila ball ammo and started shooting.

That's all one hundred rounds. Aim point was the two-inch "B" circle. If I let my finger slide up on the trigger up to the first knuckle, the old-school double-action trigger style, the meat of my trigger finger would contact the right side of the frame just as the trigger broke, pushing shots left.

If I held my finger out of the guard more so I was only pressing the trigger with the pad, I could hit the 2" aiming circle, but it was tricky with my hand so sweaty, since the gun's grip is so small. Still, if I'd been aiming at the "head box" just to the left, I think these initial results are pretty decent for a pistol that half the internet will claim is only good for shooting across a broom closet or phone booth.

I hope to get more rounds in today.