Saturday, August 08, 2015

Second Century

Thanks to readers, I was able to acquire a couple hundred rounds of Winchester's W380T "Train" load from Premier Arms. I took two boxes of it to Marion County Fish & Game yesterday morning. The hundred rounds went off without a hitch. Mostly.

On one round I did feel a bit of gas and unburned powder from the ejection port. The gun cycled and ran just fine, but I figured it was worth getting a picture of the primer end.

Round number forty of the day, #140 of the test, got a click instead of a bang. The mark from the primer hit was distinctive, but was apparently insufficient to ignite the primer. The round went off on the second try through the gun.

Remember how I was talking the other day about why I thought the rounds were hitting left? Finger hitting the frame? I was apparently completely wrong. While I forgot my intended target at home, I did happen to have a mess of Dot Torture targets in my range bag. I put one of them up at the same 10-yard line as yesterday, and fired the whole hundred rounds slow-fire from the bench. I used the #3 dot as my aiming point. I fired a few magazines left-handed just to check, but I think it's safe to say the gun's shooting a tad left and high.

So, that's 200 rounds in the books with no cleaning or lubrication. There was one light strike on a primer (#140), but otherwise the pistol went through the complete cycle of operation with each pull of the trigger. 1800 rounds to go.