Thursday, August 20, 2015

Genetically-modified vaccines for Jade Helm chemtrails...

The Mighty Eighth, laying down some nano-particles on Nazi Germany.

In case you're wondering why I engage in a bunch of eye-rolling when you email me that link to Zero Hedge, here's why.

I realize that most people have one or two whackadoodle beliefs. We have powerful organic computers in our heads that are massively overevolved in the pattern-seeking department because there is an evolutionary benefit to seeing lions in the shadows; the australopithecine who ran away from the occasional imagined lion had more baby australopithecines than the one who didn't notice the real one. That's not some evopsych Just So story.

It's when you have a whole raft of whackadoodle beliefs (and crankeries tend to cluster in people; it's rare to find a Truther who's not, say, a Nazi apologist or on the watch for chemtrails) that your advice on more mundane matters, such as investments, gets called into question.