Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thank you, Captain Obvious...

"Office Manager Marchele Hall of the Marion County Coroner's office said Thursday that Andre Green's death has been ruled a homicide caused by multiple gunshot wounds."
This is in case you think that the death was natural causes brought on by old age. I realize the news has to write something, but that borders on patronizing.

They're trying to make a martyr out of young master Green here in Indy, with vigils and marches and the works, but they're fighting an uphill battle in the case of this particular 15-year-old Nice Young Man Who Didn't Do Nothing.

In Andre Green's case, he was apparently walking home from choir practice or Boy Scouts or helping orphans or something when he realized it was a school night and he might be late. Being late would be bad, since he was wearing an electronic ankle bracelet for a previous episode of Not Doing Nothing.

Thus in a hurry, he used his gun to carjack a nearby motorist, whereupon the police gave chase. Fearing the police would keep him from getting home on time from choir practice on this school night, he tried to ram the police with his... er, "borrowed" automobile, and was promptly aired out rather comprehensively by the constabulary.

Like I said, painting young master Green as a saint in all this is a tough one, but that's not going to keep the usual suspects from trying.

Incidentally, this is being used by Community Leaders to agitate for the IMPD to wear body cameras. Now, I am generally all in favor of the po-po wearing body cameras on duty, but just once I would like to see the police spokesman turn around and point blank ask the Community Leaders how much of a sales tax hike they were willing to support to get the body cameras they were asking for...