Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Range Trip Part One

Well. The wheels came off yesterday's range trip just a little bit, and so I'm going to divide the write-up into two parts.

First, of the 1090 rounds through the BG380 thus far, 750 of them have been Fiocchi. In fact, the bulk of the remainder will be Fiocchi, too, thanks to the generous donation from Lucky Gunner. However, in the interest of testeing a variety of ammo with the gun, when I left the house yesterday I grabbed a hundred rounds of Sig Elite Performance 100gr FMJ that had been donated by Sig Sauer and a hundred rounds of Remington 95gr FMJ that I'd purchased from TDS.

The Remington first...

Remington's ammo used pretty conventional round-nosed 95gr FMJ projectiles. Everything fed and ejected fine, however there was a light strike on the 15th shot of the day (1105th of the test) and another on the 40th shot of the day (#1130 of the test). Both rounds fired on the second try.

The gun had experienced light strikes before, but the most recent had been 'way back on round #628. This was disappointing. Then came round number eighty-four of the day, which didn't go on the first try, nor on the second. Or third. Or fourth. I'm not counting that one against the gun. So that's two strikes against the Smith and one against Remington.

That's 1190 rounds in the books with no cleaning or lubrication. There have been five light strikes on primers (#140, #357, #628, #1105, #1130) and one dud primer (#1174), but otherwise the pistol has gone through the complete cycle of operation with each pull of the trigger. 910 rounds to go.

Part 2 to follow...