Monday, August 31, 2015

My only remarks on that subject.

First, on the phone the other day with staghounds, he remarked that it's a thousand wonders we haven't had one of the narcissistic nihilists wear a GoPro while committing their heinous acts yet. I'd say that last week's events make it a near certainty that one will in the near future, and news directors across America will practically decorate their cupcakes at the thought of airing the footage while simultaneously wondering aloud why such things happen. After all, some clueless yayhoo at NBC actually wrote the following headline:
--------------, Virginia TV Killer, Vowed on Day of Firing to Make 'Headlines'.
I swear, self-awareness is so uncommon these days it should be considered a f%$@ing super power.

Right now, what do you think the easiest way would be for the average American schlub to get their very own Wikipedia page: Win a gold medal at the Olympics? Write a best-selling novel? Or shoot five or six people in a moderately telegenic fashion? Incentivize something and you will get more of that thing.

Meanwhile, on gun fora threads mostly full of endless dreary chest-beating about MAH SITUATIONAL AWARENESS*, Glenn Meyer raises a point that was all too quickly drowned out by the ritual chanting but bears a repeat out here:
If you had some knowledge of the attentional and alertness literature, you would not be surprised. In all kinds of critical incidents, even with highly trained personnel, cues are missed.

There is a trace of blaming the victim in the proclamations of how one is always on the alert and ready to go. It serves to make you feel better than there is a just world and it is the victim's fault for not being the steely eyed dealer of death that you are. It also reduces your anxiety as you feel so much better as you are a warrior and it wouldn't happen to you. You sit on your toilet, scanning the environment, wearing a vest with a ceramic plate! Add the Dunning-Kruger effect, as to your superb ability.

Since you go around armed with significant firearms and have lots of training (as most of us here probably do), you expect a 24 year old newscaster to have a Glock 19 on her at all times and blame her for not doing so. Yes, I believe in being prepared but I'm not going to rant and blame a young woman for being killed by a monster. It is the monster's fault.

*Remember: Chanting "SITUATIONAL AWARENESS" with your fellow congregants at the daily virtual prayer meetin' prevents criminal assaults just like chanting "FOUR RULES" and "BOOGER HOOK BANG SWITCH" prevents safety lapses.