Friday, August 14, 2015

Class Action

It looks like I'll be taking the BG380 to a 300-round handgun class this weekend, as though it were a real pistol.

To that end, I acquired this:

This is officially the most ridiculous holster I own. Well, except maybe for the drop-leg Safariland that I need like a hen needs a flag.

I was shocked to find a huge selection of holsters for the little Bodyguard, from belt holsters to hybrid IWB tuckables to frickin' paddle holsters, if you can believe it. Like most pistols, I suspect the vast majority of these things get bought and tossed in sock drawers, gun safes, or glove boxes, and only carried when the buyer thinks it might be needed*. When they are carried, I'll bet that better than 90% get tossed in a pocket, hopefully with a pocket holster but that's not the way to bet.

*I carry a pistol places where I don't think I'll need one. If it's a place where I really think I'll need a pistol, I don't go there.