Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New neighborhood cat, bikes, weather...

New guy in the 'hood. I've seen him in the alley behind the house, and yesterday he was patrollin' the Monon Trail over near Locally Grown Gardens. Obviously has a home, or at least a base of operations that was willing to fit him with a flea collar. Looks like he has a tipped ear, indicating he's been snipped by Indy Feral.

I was on the way home from the grocery store on the Broad Ripple SUV, but I didn't have anything thawing in the bike basket, so I stopped long enough to get a few snaps with the D1X. He was obviously not a shy fella, stopping and busting a pose any time I clicked my tongue at him.

Broad Ripple SUV
Can't wait to get out on the bike today. It's only supposed to get into the mid 70s with low humidity. Glorious cycling weather when I get home from the range. Maybe push up to 86th Street and beyond!