Thursday, August 25, 2016

Automotif CXXXI...

Here's a sharp-looking 197...2? We'll call it a '72...GMC Jimmy reposing by the curb in sunny summertime SoBro, out front of Fat Dan's Chicago-Style Deli.

So, in the early '60s International Harvester made the short-wheelbase Scout to compete with the Jeep CJ. And then Ford said, "Huh. We could do that, too," and thus was born the Bronco. And by the end of the decade, General Motors had jumped into the game with the Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy. Last to the party was Chrysler, with the Dodge Ramcharger hitting in the mid '70s.

And then by the mid '90s, the whole truck-based 2-door SUV niche pretty much vanished.