Tuesday, August 16, 2016

From Elsewhere...

Another poster wrote:
"Speaking of which, is there a good reason not to do away with the EC? In my view, at least, it exists because of technological limitations of the 18th century in terms of communication and vote tallying."
To which I replied:
"Like the pre-17th Amendment Senate, the Electoral College is a vestige of the fact that the US was formed as a confederation of sovereign states. Under the Constitution, the states vote for the president. If you look in the constitution, nowhere is it mentioned that individuals have a right to vote for POTUS; there's nothing in the constitution to keep states from appointing electors or choosing them via lottery or by throwing darts at a phone book.

Like the post-17th Amendement Senate, I'm certain that the mob will eventually vote us a post-Electoral College election system as a move toward perfect democracy. Hopefully I will be dead by then.