Monday, August 15, 2016


"If you’re keeping score at home, central Indiana now has 10 medals – which, if we were a separate country, would place us 13th on the medals table: King (two in swimming), Miller (two in swimming), Blake Pieroni (swimming), Michael Hixon (synchronized diving), David Boudia (synchronized diving), Steele Johnson (synchronized diving), Elmore (rowing) and Dygert (cycling). Now, it’s probably safe to assume that Paul George will medal (although the U.S. has played poorly its last two games against Australia and Serbia) and Tamika Catchings of the women’s basketball team will surely get the gold. Oh, and one more: Carmel High School tennis star Rajeev Ram will win either gold or silver in doubles tennis alongside Venus Williams Sunday. Then either Boudia or Johnson - or both - have a very good chance to medal in the men’s 10-meter individual platform diving.
I’m going to guess central Indiana has had more medals in a single Olympics – remember that Mark Spitz guy? – but have they ever earned four in a single day?"
Local NBC affiliate is big on the Olympics, and for good reason.

Kravitz, as a columnist, is interesting in his own right as a look at the future of media. The TV station picked him up from the local newspaper (The Indianapolis Parakeet Primer has been slowly circling the drain for years and is shedding employees the whole way down.)

The TV station picked the guy up specifically to write print content for their website. They seem to grok that the website is fundamental to their future survival as a media outlet, but they're not a hundred percent sure what to do with it, and so they're willing to experiment.