Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Over the Hump

Took the Glock 20 and another hundred rounds of Lucky Gunner's S&B 180gr FMJ 10mm ammo to the range yesterday morning.

I fired a box at the upper A-zone at seven yards and then ran the target out to fifteen yards and fired off the other box at the lower A-zone. It's hard to shoot groups on what is effectively a blank sheet of paper forty-five feet away.

Stupid factory sights continue to trick me into shooting high at any kind of speed even though I know what the problem is.

There were two failures to ignite primers, on rounds #86 and #99 of the day (#1,016  and #1,029 of the test.) This brings the total number of light strikes to three, all on S&B rounds. Hard Czech primers and striker-fired gats go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise.

This makes 1030 rounds since the Glock 20 was cleaned or lubricated, with two failures to feed (#401, #454) and three failures to fire (#598, #1,016, #1,029). 970 rounds to go.