Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Passing five hundred...

Range trip to Marion County Fish & Game yesterday noonish to do some chrono work with the Glock 20 for a couple loadings I hadn't measured yet.

First up was the 180gr FMJ load from Sellier & Bellot.
LO: 1088
HI: 1115
AV: 1102
ES: 26.79
SD: 9.00
So, basically your typical 10mm commercial ball ammo: Hotter than .40S&W, but nothing to shake your fillings loose.

The numbers from the Sig Sauer Elite Performance 180gr FMJ were as much spicier as the felt recoil would indicate:
LO: 1172
HI: 1203
AV: 1188
ES: 31.23
SD: 12.40
Most of a hundred feet per second faster than the S&B, and you don't stand around wondering if the gun went off, either. I'll note that this pretty well echoes the numbers of the 180gr V-crown JHP offering from Sig, making it a legit practice load, and it's priced pretty aggressively, too.

After the chrono work, I spent the rest of the range session shooting steel at about twenty yards. I didn't have any paint with me, and that center target was hard to pick up in a hurry. I did have one failure to feed with round #24 of the day (#454 of the test) that may have been caused by limp-wristing the gun. I was concentrating hard on sight alignment and trigger control and was holding it pretty loosely when this happened:

There were no other malfunctions to report.

This makes 530 rounds since the Glock 20 was cleaned or lubricated, with two failure to feed (#401, #454). 1470 rounds to go.