Friday, August 26, 2016

Thanks, Mother Nature.

Well, I had planned to go out to Marion County Fish & Game to do some chrono work this morning, but we just had a hellacious thunderstorm track right across Indianapolis in the middle of morning rush hour.

We had a limb down across Bobbi's ham antenna, there are branches down all up and down the block, trees down all over Broad Ripple, and flooding in all the low spots from getting an inch and a half or more of rain in about fifteen minutes. (As flat as it is around here, flooding can be a problem because there's no real incentive for the water to go anyplace other than right where it landed.)

TV's saying six thousand...scratch thousand without power and more reports coming in all the time.

I think I'll shoot indoors today. Monday morning looks like a good window in the monsoons for chrono work. What I really need is one of these.