Monday, August 22, 2016

No Shoot

So, the Friends of Pat Rogers Memorial Celebration Weekend featured a Saturday that was packed with two- and four-hour blocks of instruction from a who's who of the industry.

I could immediately discount a few LE or .mil oriented ones as being outside what I really needed to spend time on, and decided fairly early on to just go ahead and leave my carbines at home. There were two 2-hr handgun blocks that sounded interesting, one from Matt Jacques and one from Ernest Langdon, and so I tossed 400 rounds of extra 9mm into the trunk and headed for Ohio, figuring I could spend the rest of the weekend catching up with people and taking pictures.

When they said "Get here early, because classes are going to fill fast," they weren't kidding. I was through the gate fifteen or twenty before nominal start time, but the joint was already jumping and both pistol classes on the board were full up.

You know what? I shoot pretty much every damn day. I haven't been in a pistol class since, what? Weekend before last with Tom Givens? Let's let the other kids shoot some.

Fortunately the Wally World in Salem, OH had 8GB Compact Flash cards in stock*, because I finished filling up the one in the camera and I put several hundred images on the new one, to boot.

I peeked in on a few classes and I'll post up pics and more reports later.

*The Wally Wold in Salem, OH will probably be the last place on earth where you will be able to buy a blank VHS tape. It has that vibe.